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California Land Mark Project

California Landmark Project

The Golden State is a remarkable state with some amazing and significant historical sites.  This project will have you becoming an expert on one historical site in California, and you will be sharing your expertise with your class.

Purpose: The purpose of this project is to expose students to California Historical Sites.

Project Requirements:

  • Research a California Land Mark.
  • Create a poster board of your research including pictures using all the information you gathered.
  • Share the poster board of your Land Mark with you as a tour guide.


Assignment Details

  1. Pick your historical site:  Use the provided list or visit
  2. Research your site. Take notes and save them to help you with your project. Keep a record of where you found your information for your list of references on the back of your poster.
    1. What is the site?
    2. Where is it located?
    3. Who founded and/or used it?
    4. When was it first discovered/built?
    5. Why is it/why was it important to California History?Use photos and collect “artifacts” that you can use for your poster.

Design your poster. Use the thin poster board 28 x 22, so that we can hang it on the wall in the classroom easily. Include the following on your poster:

    1. Name of site with a picture/photo/graphic of it
    2. Historical Information on your site
    3. 5 facts about your site
    4. California map with the following labeled: Sacramento, your site, 3-5 other cities or landmarks
    5. Other photos/artifacts (maps, brochures, informational articles are displayed nicely in paper “pockets” so be creative)
    6. Reference list glued to the back of your poster
  1. This project is due on __upon return to school___. Students will present their  poster over the following days after the due date.

California Historical Landmarks Choice List

The following places will also provide you with a list of California Historical Landmarks, some by county.  The list generated below is not an inclusive list.  Also try

  • Wikipedia—search “California Historical Landmarks” for a list by county
  • Google—search “California Historical Landmarks”
  • California State Parks website
  • provides a list by county

Sample list of landmarks. If you prefer a local site, use one of the above sites to find a landmark. Pick one from this list or use the above websites to expand the list.  There may be no duplicates, so if you have a favorite, select it early!  Remember, some sites do not allow video-taping.  It is your responsibility to find out that information before you visit so you are prepared. 

Historical Site Name County
Any California mission—21 of them! Throughout California
Marshall Gold Discovery State Park, Coloma El Dorado
Angel Island Marin/San Francisco
Crocker Art Gallery Sacramento
Governor’s Mansion Sacramento
Old Sacramento Sacramento
State Capitol (sites of 1st and 2nd in Sacramento) Sacramento
Sutter’s Fort Sacramento
Alcatraz San Francisco
Barbary Coast Trail in San Francisco San Francisco
El Camino Real (As Father Serra knew it) San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco
Golden Gate Park San Francisco
Presidio of San Francisco San Francisco
Telegraph Hill in San Francisco San Francisco
Union Square San Francisco
Lombard Street San Francisco
Winchester Mystery House, San Jose Santa Clara
Benecia Capitol (one of 4 CA Capitol locations) Solano
Site of State Capitol at Vallejo Solano
Bodega Bay and Harbor Sonoma
Fort Ross Sonoma
Jack London State Historic Park Sonoma
Presidio of Sonoma (Sonoma Barracks) Sonoma
Woodland Opera House Yolo
Bok Kai Temple Yuba
Manzanar Inyo


California Landmark Project Rubric

                                Landmark  (5 points)

                                Where is it located?  (5 points)

                                When was it first discovered or built?  (5 points)

                                Why was it discovered or built?  (5 points)

                                Who founded and/or used it? (5 points)

                                Why is the landmark important to California History? (10 points)

                                Historical information (what life was like/who lived there/significance/what happened

there/is it still standing/is it in ruins, etc.  Information varies based on site.) (10 points)

                                5 interesting facts   (5 points)

                                California map with the following labeled: Sacramento, your site, 3-5 other cities or

landmarks near your landmark  (5 points)

                                Pockets containing maps/brochures/informational articles (5 points)


                                A variety of photos with details about the photo (10 points)

______                A typed reference list is attached to the back of your poster (websites or books you used for information)  (5 points)

Total Points  ________/ 75


Reading: 30 minutes

Math: Finish End of Chapter Check if you didn’t in class

Spelling: Sentences 1-5

Spelling List:

1. famous
2. radar
3. razor
4. vacancy
5. beside
6. beyond
7. defend
8. delay
9. demand
10. prevent
11. secret
12. veto
13. bison
14. diver
15. cider
16. silence
17. clover
18. spoken
19. stolen
20. tulip
21. swallow
22. plastic
23. rumbles
24. request
25. sequence


Reading: 30 minutes

Math: 7.6

Spelling: Sentences 1-5

Spelling List:

1. blanket
2. blossom
3. dipper
4. distant
5. foggy
6. fossil
7. member
8. nodded
9. planner
10. plastic
11. rumbles
12. slender
13. summer
14. swallow
15. tablet
16. thriller
17. traffic
18. welcome
19. willow
20. witness
21. talking
22. drawn
23. shawl
24. cupboard
25. friendly


Reading: 30 minutes

Math: 7.3

Spelling: Sentences 1-8

Spelling List:

1. caught
2. laws
3. drawn
4. strawberry
5. straw
6. awe
7. shawl
8. alter
9. halt
10. talking
11. walker
12. chalk
13. stalk
14. small
15. caller
16. squall
17. cough
18. fought
19. thought
20. false
21. south
22. pouch
23. annoy
24. wallpaper
25. awkward


Reading: 30 minutes

Math: No Math due to today’s test

Spelling: Sentences 1-10

Spelling List:

1. noises
2. voices
3. rejoice
4. annoy
5. destroy
6. voyage
7. mound
8. south
9. pound
10. hound
11. pouch
12. thousand
13. wound
14. grouch
15. cowboy
16. gown
17. frown
18. howling
19. fl ower
20. tower
21. crook
22. zoom
23. group
24. drought
25. downtown