Reading: 30 mins.

Math: 1.5

Spelling: Sentences 1-5

Spelling List: major, clay, stray, today, bail, rail, drain, faint, claim, pale, face, graze, cane, slate, ache, flame, steak, break, eight, they, obey, grim, plum, cash, neighbor, railway

Vocabulary List: uncomfortable, hesitated, desperately, inspiration, humiliated, accountable, advise, self-esteem

Homework 7/18/2016

First of all, I would like the thank everyone for coming to Back To School Night. I really enjoyed meeting all of you.

Reading: Read 30 minutes

Math: Lesson 1.1

Spelling: Sentences 1-5


Spelling List:  flat, cash, band, bell, left, shelf, shelf, wealth, grim, mill, hint, plot, dock, blot, odd, sum, plum, bluff, crunch, build, gym, snack, step, pond, heavy, shovel