Animal Report

Animal Report Assignment

For your report, you will be researching, collecting information, and writing about an animal of your choice. Do not choose an animal for which you have already written a report in a previous grade, or an animal that is extinct. Please try to use a variety of sources for your report (books, magazines, the internet, encyclopedias), and be sure to record the titles of books, internet sites, or other sources that you use for your report. Your report must be in your own words.
Your written report should include the following information:

1. Cover

2. The Report:

a. Introduction: catch the reader’s attention with descriptive information or a story.

b. Physical features: what does your animal look like?

c. Habitat: Where does your animal live? (Continent, countries or states, forest, etc.)

d. Diet: What type of food does your animal eat?

e. Endangered/Other information: Include any important or interesting information that does not fit into any of the other paragraphs.

f. Conclusion: Summarize your essay, include a story or call to action.

3. Food Web: Create a food web that has 8 items. One has to be your animal and you have to have at least 1 plant.

4. A list of sources (title and author) used in your report (4 sources minimum).