Reading: 30 mins.

Math: 4.9 HW

Spelling: 3 times each

Vocabulary: Syllables


Spelling:giraffe, generous, genuine, gentleman, genius, general, cymbal, citizen, cinnamon, certain, century, center, cement, genie, citrus, germs, generation, cancer, magical, circulate


Vocabulary: vaccine, epidemic, immune, sterilize, disinfected          Extra: plague, infected, microbes, antibodies, bacteria


Reading: Re-read chapter 4 in Science to prepare for the test on Friday.

Math: 4.7

Spelling: Three times each

Vocabulary: Syllables


Spelling Review: horrible, tower, plow, joint, poison, outside, destroy, birth, urgent, thirst, serve, library, narrate, nightmare, prepare, harvest, shower, pearl, bound, customer


Vocabulary: provide, imagining, vanished, milkmaid, admire


****We will be having a Science test on Friday –  Chapter 4 – Slow changes on Earth