Reading: “Toto” in the anthology. Be prepared for a comprehension test tomorrow!

Math: Homework book-Lesson 1.7

Spelling: /a/ worksheet

Vocabulary: Write down the definitions of the five words on the back of your spelling sheet.


Spelling:neighbor, weigh, eighth, crayon, sway, stray, erase, female, male, state, grain, trail, bacon, basement, chamber, midday, claim, sailed, brave, plains

Vocabulary: timid, enviously, mock, snare, cunning



  • Read 30 mins.
  • Math: Diagnostic Check in Workbook- pgs. 21-22
  • Spelling: Write each word three times each


Math: 1.1

Spelling: ABC order

Spelling List: cactus, lettuce, doctor, punish, principle, cockpit, minimum, solid, billion, hundred, contact, rustic, windmill, traffic, tablet, victims, pasture, bottomless, shrubs, silver

Vocabulary: fierce, prospect, treacherous, ineffectively, alarmingly

Welcome To Fourth Grade

I just wanted to thank the parents that took the time to come and meet me on Back To School Night. I really enjoyed meeting you all!

As I was driving home, I realized some things that I failed to mention.

  • Testing will normally be done on Thursdays and Fridays for Reading Comprehension and weekly Math and Language Arts. ┬áMath, ┬áScience and Social Studies testing will be done whenever we complete a chapter, so these tests could fall on any day of the week. I will let you know here on my blog with a couple days notice in order for you to help your child prepare for the tests.
  • Reading Comprehension will also be monitored through the Scholastic Reading Program. This program shows me the reading level your child is at by monitoring tests taken on the books that they have read. There is also a point system given. If your child gets a 7/10 on a test, it is a passing score and they will be awarded points determined by how difficult the book is. For the first trimester, your child is required to be awarded at least 30 points. This is a very reachable score as long as your child is reading books at their level and they are Scholastic books. These books are available in the school library. I will talk about this in more depth at our first conference.