I have given the kids a book report to do while we are off track. Have your child choose a book to read and follow the instructions on the handout that I gave them.


I would also suggest that they keep practicing their multiplication facts.


For extra math practice go to khanacademy.com –  this is a great site that will keep your child challenged at their particular level.


Have a great break and I’ll see you in three weeks.


We will be returning to the same room (D5)


Reading: 30 mins.

No Math due to the mid chapter review today.

Spelling: ABC order

Vocabulary: Syllables

Writing: Create a T chart- One side with possible buisness opportunities  for kids in the neighborhood- Other side with reasons you would or would not want to create this business.


Spelling List: watermelon, season, reason, horizon, happen, opinion, custom, crimson, garden, mitten, person, kitten, dungeon, problem, button, lessons, preparation, vacation, obligation, customer

Vocabulary List: entrepreneurs, maintenance, service, manufacturing, profitable


Reading: 30 mins.

Math: 3.1

Spelling: Three times each

Social Studies: Finish reading and taking notes on Lesson 4 (pg. 78-81)


Spelling List: (Review) – chamber, steel, swallow, brain, neighbor, erase, seaweed, donkey, shriek, cobra, bulldozer, shadow, dynamite, style, spite, maze, freedom, floating, creature, least

Vocabulary List:  comfortable, overlapping, plunged, hurtled, luxurious, daubed, astonish