Reading: Anthology

Math: 9.4

Spelling: 3 times each

Vocabulary: Define


**** I made an error on the form that I sent home today. We are tracking off on Wednesday, April 30th. It is very important that I recieve the Fog Willow permission slip by track change day. Sorry again, I guess I need the break too.


Reading: 30 mins

Math: 9.3

Spelling: ABC order

Vocabulary: Sentences

*****Parents, when we come back from our break, we will be going on several field trips. We will be going to Fog Willow, Coloma, and the State Capitol.  I will be sending these permission slips home tomorrow in order to get them back before we go off track. There won’t be a lot of time when we get back to square these away. The two most important trips to have returned are the Fog Willow and the Coloma (Marshall Gold Discovery) trip. We are going to Fog Willow on the Monday we return. I absolutley need this form before we go off track. The Coloma trip in scheduled for Wednesday, June 4th which is also our first week back. The State Capitol will be the following week.  The trips total is about $40 dollars. I am so sorry for the inconvenience, we had scheduling problems and were not approved until recently.  Thank you!!!!


Spelling List: biking, boating, bowling, building, camping, climbing, dancing, exploring, fishing, golfing, jogging, napping, painting, practicing, reading, capsizing, howling, sinking, crossing, planking


Vocabulary: capsizing, din, provisions, muskets, prevailing


Reading: 30 mins

Math: Practice test

Spelling: 3  times

Vocab: Syllables


Spelling: rearrange, redo, remove, renew, replace, reverse, review, unbeaten, unequal, unfair, unfinished, unfit, uncover, unplanned, report, repackage, recount, untamed, rewrite, recall


Vocabulary: colonist, civilizations, inherit, settlements, diverse