Reading: 30 mins. –  You can study for Social Studies during this time.

Math: 4.7

Spelling: Sentences 1-5

Social Studies: Study for test tomorrow on chapter 3 (Lessons 1-4)


Spelling List: product, credit, napkin, dentist, comment, cannot, suggest, within, glacier, infect, progress, topsoil, princess, rewind, joyful, echo, expert, bargain, stencil, predict


Vocabulary: advertise, investment, product, design, sound, impaired, century, stylus


Reading: 30 mins.

Math: No Math due to the review we did in class

Spelling: Sentences 16-20

Vocabulary: Sentences

Social Studies: Read pages 134- 139  ( Be prepared for a quiz tomorrow)

Parents, I will be doing conferences starting next week. If you would like to come in and talk about your child’s progress send me an e-mail with times you are available. I usually have some type of meeting on Mondays, so I am available Tuesday through Friday.


Reading: 30 mins.

Math: 4.4

Spelling: Sentences 1-5

Social Studies: Workbook page 27


Spelling List: glare, beware, daring, clarify, comparison, declare, despair, library, narrate, nightmare, prepare, repair, scare, spare, swear, carry, market, harvest, carpeting, scarf

Vocabulary: community, restoring, harvest, organic, vendor, riot, mural


Reading: 30 mins.

No Math due to the test today!

Spellig: Sentences 1-5 using the first 5 spelling words.

Vocabulary: Syllables


Spelling List: worth, burst, birth, urgent, urge, thirst, sreve, search, purpose, perfect, learn, heard, further, earnest, early, operator, sailor, shower, pearl, partner


Vocabulary List: benefits (medical), frustrated, customers, traffic(people), supervising-  Bonus: fortunate, aggressive, conscious, restaurateur


***We have a field trip to IMAX and Old Sacramento Underground on Friday the 17th. Some of the students have not turned in the permission slip. If you need another one, please contact me as soon as possible.



Reading: 30 mins. and Science can be what you read

Math: We will have a Math test on Monday. Practice doing double digit multiplication and we will do some more review tomorrow.

Spelling: Sentences 17,18,19,20

Science: Read pgs. 94-100- We will take notes together tomorrow.