Spelling Sentences

Spelling Sentences


Use one spelling word per sentence. Circle the spelling word in each sentence.


Sentences 1-2 underline a common noun (examples: cat, school)

Sentences 3-4 underline a proper noun (examples: Owen, California)

Sentences 5-6 underline an adjective (examples: brown, beautiful)

Sentences 7-8 underline a verb (examples: run, laugh)

Sentences 9-10 underline a possessive noun (examples: Juan’s coat, Natalie’s cat)

Sentences 11-12 underline a pronoun (example: he, I)

Sentences 13-14 underline a possessive pronoun (example: her, their)

Sentence 15 underline a plural noun (examples: baskets, women)

Sentence 16 underline a contraction (examples: doesn’t, won’t)

Sentences 17-18 write a sentence that is an opinion.

Sentences 19-20 write a sentence that is a fact.

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