Homework 2/28

Reading: 30 mins.

Spelling: Take a practice test and study any missed words.

Vocabulary: Sentences

Writing: Finish rough copy on the gold rush:

Paragraph 1 should include When, where, how and who discovered gold.

Paragraph 2 should include how California changed and some of the hardships miners had to go through.

Paragraph 3 should be about you being a miner in 1949- What tools do you use? How would you use the tools? Would you search in deep or shallow water? Why?  Anything else you think you would have done as a miner.

Next Week

We have finished up with Chapter 6 in Social Studies. Statehood for California. We will be testing on all three lessons on Tuesday of next week. I had the kids bring their books home over the weekend for studying. Please encourage your child to study.


We will also be finishing up with Chapter 4 in Science on Monday. Slow Changes on Earth. I will wait until Thursday to give the test so the kids have adequate time for studying. Encourage them to study the vocabulary as much as possible.

Homework for 2/19/13

Reading: 30 minutes

Math: Finish practice test and have parents correct. Fixed any missed problems.

Study for test:

  • changing improper fractions to mixed numbers.
  • changing mixed numbers into improper fractions.
  • simplify fractions (simplest form)
  • Draw mixed numbers and improper fractions.
  • order fractions.

Spelling and Vocabulary for 2/19/13-2/22/13

Spelling: generous, general, century, check, nickel, heroic, judge, manage, image, twice, spruce, advice, watch, scratch, branch, gesture, gently, pieces, touching, dangerous


Gored-  to wound using a horn or tusk.

amputation- the act of cutting off a body part.

infirmary- where sick people are treated.

listlessly- without interest/lazily.

feebly- weakly

gesture- a body movement that has meaning.

gauze- thin, transparent fabric used on wounds.


Homework 2/14/13

Read: 30 mins.

Math: H 7-13

Spelling: Practice test and study the words you miss.

Vocabulary: Riddles


Next Week

We are finishing up with chapter 7 on fractions in Math. We will review the concepts tomorrow. Depending on how the kids perform tomorrow, I  will give the test on Monday or Tuesday. Please go over these concepts with your child over the weekend.

Valentines Day

On Thursday, February 14th, we will be exchanging Valentines at the end of the day (1:45). I always find it best if the kids just sign their name and make sure they have one for everybody in the class. If your child would like to bring a treat for the class, that would be great.