Fog Willow


Reading: 30 mins.

Math: H 12-4

Spelling: Take a practice test and study the words you miss.

Vocabulary: Riddles


***For the field trip tomorrow, It would be wise to put sunblock on your child before they come to school. We will be in the sun a lot of the day.


Reading: Anthology

Math: H 12-2

Spelling: 3 times each

Vocabulary: Sentences- label the parts of speech.


*****Reminder- we will be going on a field trip Friday to Fog Willow. We will be eating lunch there so the kids need to bring a sack lunch from home. Thank you!!!



Reading: 30 mins.

Math: H 12-1 and study for retake test.  ***Make sure to correct your wrong answers and get it signed by a parent.

Spelling: Handout

Social Studies: Study for the test. Chapter 9


Reading: 30 mins.

Math: study practice test and use the reteach lessons at the end of the chapter for more practice.

Spelling: ABC order

Vocabulary: syllables



***Our class has teamed up with A track to fill a basket for the Spring Fling Carnival in May. We are needing donations for the basket that is themed¬† “A MAN”S WORLD.” Anything that a man would like is good for the basket. A track has recieved many donations , but my class has not made a single donation yet. Please help!!!

Spelling and Vocabulary for 4/22 – 4/26

Spelling: secretly, badly, barely, certainly, suddenly, kindly, lately, loyally, gladly, loudly, quietly, proudly, likely, finally, deeply, closely, boldly, rarely, costly, quickly



Parchment- animal skin, usually from a sheep or a goat, that is made into translucent paper for writing.

Quill- a hollow wing or tail feather used for writing.

Scribes- people who copy manuscripts or books by hand.

Manuscripts- booksor papers written by hand.

tinkered- working in a clumsy or unskilled way.

Progress Reports

Dear Parents,

I sent your kids home with a brief progress report. Many of the grades dropped this third trimester due to the fact that the curriculum gets a little more difficult at this time. I am going to have conferences next week and the following week before we go off track. If you would like to request a time, you can e-mail me at