Reading: 30 mins.

Math: 1.8

Spelling: Take a practice test and study misspelled words

Vocabulary: Study the definitions


***We are finishing up chapter 1 in both Social Studies and Math. We will be taking these tests next week.  Math on Monday and Social Studies on Tuesday. I will have the kids bring home their books over the weekend to be prepared for the tests.


Reading: 30 mins.

Math: 1.5

Spelling: three times each

Social Studies: Workbook pg. 4


Spelling List: neighbor, weigh, eighth, crayon, sway, stray, erase, female, male, state, grain, trail, bacon, basement, chamber, midday, claim, sailed, brave, plains


Vocabulary: timid, enviously, mock, snare, cunning

Picture day is on Thursday


Reading: 30 mins.

Math: 1.4

Spelling: Take a practice test and study any words you miss.

Vocabulary: Study the definitions


The class participated in a recycling program last year that earned them a party at the end of the year. I would like to continue that tradition this year.  If you are interested in helping us collect plastic, please have your child bring it to school. I will have a container in the room for them to place it in.


Thank you for your support!


Reading: 30 mins

Math: Lesson 1.1

Spelling: Write words three times each

Vocabulary: Write words in Syllables


Spelling List: cactus, lettuce, doctor, punish, principle, cockpit, minimum, solid, billion, hundred, contact, rustic, windmill, traffic, tablet, victims, pasture, bottomless, shrubs, silver

Vocabulary List: treacherous, prospect, fierce, ineffectively, alarmingly



Back To School

Welcome back!!!!!   If you weren’t able to make it to Back To School Night, your child was sent home with some forms that need to be filled out as soon as possible. If I don’t get them back by next week, your child will not be allowed to check out a library book or do any research on the computers. I would love to have all the forms returned by this Friday if possible.



Since we have spent most of this week taking beginning of the year assessments, I have not been able to get started with our lessons. Instead of the normal homework, I have asked the kids to put together a me bag by this Friday. If they get it done tonight, please bring it in tomorrow so we can get started. We have several new students and I think it will be nice for them to get to know the rest of the class in a fun/structured way.

Thank you for your support,

Mr. Deitsch