Reading: 30 mins.

Math: 6.6

Spelling: Sentences 1-8

Social Studies: Study for the test tomorrow


Spelling List: seventy, rhombus, equation, average, government, filled, pledge, bridge, ridge, wedge, ledge, cartridge, partridge, porridge, knowledge, navigation, circumnavigate, globe, public, private, academic

Vocabulary List: controversial, practitioners, asthma, skeptics, significant,  Bonus: bioethics, therapeutic, potential


Reading: 30 mins.

Math: 6.3

Spelling: Sentences 1-5

Vocabulary: Syllables

Spelling List: seventeen, browser, memory, explain, adage, courage, language, luggage, storage, thousands, bandage, cabbage, carriage, damage, garbage, reservoir, delta, bay, college, university, degree

Vocabulary List: gorge, enchained, pitches, herb medicines, poultice, lulling, kindling, tottery


Reading: 30 mins.

No Math due to today’s test

Spelling: Sentences 6-10

Vocabulary: Riddles or be ready to act out a word for the students to try to figure out the meaning.

Science: Study for the test on Thursday

Spelling List: sixty, system, buffalo, monkey, alligator, wolves, kangaroo, force, brought, understand, audit, credit, hermit, vomit, habit, bandit, electrician, mathematics, mathematician, renewable, nonrenewable

Vocabulary List: fatal, suture, colleagues, condemnation, anesthesia, incision, hemorrhage, antiseptic, scalpel, papacardium