Reading: 30 mins.

Math: 10.4

Spelling: three times each

Vocabulary: syllables


Spelling List: autograph, graphics, geography, paragraph, photograph, phonograph, transport, portable, import, important, support, remote, motor, motel, porter, biology, apology, technology, geology, graph


 VGocabulary: transcontinental, laborers, pomp, fabric, thrive


Reading: Social Studies Chapter 12/ Lesson 1

Math: 9.7

Spelling: Handout

Vocabulary: Syllables


Field Trip to Coloma tomorrow. Please make sure your kids have a good breakfast and wear clothes appropriate for the weather. It is supposed to be hot tomorrow but probably a little cool in the morning. The kids should probably wear a light sweatshirt for the morning. They should also bring a spare water to keep them hydrated.  We will be walking on dirt paths, so please wear the appropriate shoes.

We will be boarding the bus at 8:10, so chaperones might just want to come to school with your child.

Thank you for your help!!!


Reading: Read “The Gold Rush” in the Anthology

Spelling: Three times each


Spelling List: climbing, dancing, exploring, fishing, golfing, chillier, dirtiest, dizziest, drowsier, emptying, gloomier, heaviest, prettier, noisier, windiest, liveliest, curlier, speediest, sweatiest, filthier


Vocabulary List: emigrants, persecution, verified, abandon, prospecting