Reading: Anthology- “Two Tickets To Freedom”

Math: Handout – Do the back side of yesterday’s Math homework

Spelling: Group the spelling words according to their spelling pattern for the /oo/ sound


Reading: Social Studies Chapter 1

Math: Handout-Only do the addition and subtraction portion. We will work on the other side tomorrow.

Spelling: ABC order

Social Studies: Study for test- Use your notes, book, and workbook to prepare. Make sure to study the vocabulary!


Read: 30 mins.

Math: HW 2.8- Do your best, we will go over it again tomorrow

Spelling: three times each

Vocabulary: Syllables


Spelling: value, lose, cue, bruise, proof, smooth, suit, truce, boost, true, reuse, crew, fruit, juice, issue, whose, flute, view, continued, include

Vocabulary: fugitives, sympathetic, asserted, abolitionist, indignantly


Reading: Anthology- “Mae Jemison”

Math: HW 2.6

Spelling: 3 times each

Vocabulary: Syllables


Spelling: dynamite, flight, knight, pirate, tighten, type, style, rhyme, spite, supply, pilot, mile, midnight, icicle, skylight, decide, science, overnight, might, wired

Vocabulary: astronaut, excelled, specialized, simulates, techniques


Reading: 30 mins.

Math: HW book lesson 2.2

Spelling: Three times each

Vocabulary: Write the words in syllables


Spelling: over, blow, coast, cobra, coax, elbow, bulldozer, overflow, narrow, window, shadow, hollow, groan, stow, bowl, whole, know, swallow, grindstones, commotion


Vocabulary:  racket, commotion, captivity, appetizing, reconsider


Reading: “Sara, Plain and Tall” in the Anthology

Math: Due to the test today, there is no math homework!

Spelling: Group the words according to their spelling pattern for the long /e/ sound.

Vocabulary: Write sentences for the five vocabulary words that are on the back of the pre-test.


**There will be a Science test on Friday covering Chapter 1- Living Things Need Energy (four lessons). I told the kids to bring their Science books home tonight to study because we do not have math homework. They should also study the notes and worksheets we have done. They should be in their binders or homework folders.