Field Trip Tomorrow

Dear Parents,

Welcome back!!!!  It is going to be a very busy week. We have a field trip on Monday and Wednesday this week. We are going to Fog Willow Monday and Coloma on Wednesday. I am so sorry for bunching our field trips like this, I know it is going to be difficult for everyone. Thank you for your patience. It is going to be warm, so please have your kids wear appropriate clothing (no open toed shoes please) and bring plenty of water to drink.


I have several student who weren’t able to get the permission slip to me before we went off. We will not be leaving school until 10:30 am, so there will be time to get me the form in the morning. Please come to my room before school and we can take care of it.


I also have several parents that volunteered to chaperone for Monday. (Initials-P.B., D.K., N.L., L.L, J.H.).  Please contact me if you will not be able to make it. I will try calling you today to confirm.


Thank you,


Steve Deitsch