Reading: Social Studies p 198-203

No Math

Spelling: Sentences 1-5

Vocabulary: Syllables

Spelling List: blanket, blossom, dipper, distant, foggy, fossil, member, nodded, planner, plastic, rumbles, slender, summer, swallow, tablet, thriller, traffic, welcome, willow, witness, talking, drawn, shawl, cupboard, friendly

Vocabulary List: plunging, prospector, scoffed, settlement, shrivel, territories, topple, withered


Reading: 30 mins.

Math: 7.6

Spelling: Sentences 1-10

Vocabulary: Syllables

***If you have an old mouse not in use, please bring it in for our phases of the moon project.

Spelling: noises, voices, rejoices, annoy, destroy, voyage, mound, south, pound, hound, pouch, thousand, wound, grouch, cowboy, gown, frown, howling, flower, tower, crook, zoom, group, drought, downtown

Vocabulary List: rotates, phases, crescent, astronomer, telescope, specific, sliver, series