Reading: Read chapter 13 in Extra Credit

Math: Study for the Chapter 5 test

Spelling List: clams, mints, props, arches, dresses, parents, caves, glasses, hobbies, engines, couches, arrows, enemies, babies, ranches, patches, mistakes, supplies, mosses, armies, circus, germs, spice, batteries, compasses


Reading: ch 10 in Extra Credit- Be ready to give me a brief summary about what you read.

Math: 5.5

Spelling: Sentences 6-10

Vocabulary: Riddles or sentences for four of the words.

Spelling List:  center, once, scene, spice, circus, cement, police, certain, ounce, glance, germs, bridge, badge, strange, orange, ginger, wedge, arrange, sponge, village, combs, kneel, wrench, general, ceremony

Vocabulary List: mistreated, protest, qualified, registered, boycott, encouragement, fulfill, injustice


Reading: Read Chapter 5 in Extra Credit

Math: 5.1

Spelling: Sentences 1-5

Spelling List: wrinkle, wriggle, wrapper, wrench, answer, knead, knives, known, kneel, knew, plumber, combs, thumbs, lambs, condemn, resign, doubtful, hour, honesty, honor

Vocabulary List: assigned, generosity, gingerly, mature, organizations, residents, scattered, selective