Solar Eclipse Info

We have been busy learning about the sun, the moon, and the solar eclipse all week. We acted out the eclipse, read books and did an online lesson at We also practiced using a pinhole projector with our sixth grade buddies. We even found out why we should NEVER look at the sun, even for a moment. The dramatic demonstration got everyone’s attention!

We will be observing the changes before, during, and after the eclipse on Monday morning. We will have our big buddies from Mrs. Groom’s sixth grade class with us, but parents are welcome, too. I only have enough eclipse glasses for the students, so bring your own if you will be participating with us. Make and bring a pinhole projector or you can use one of ours.

If you won’t be able to join us at school, I hope you get outside to observe this rare event for yourself. Here is a link to a website with some ways to safely view the solar eclipse on Monday, August 21st. You just need a couple of items that are probably in your house right now.

Finding Our Butterflies

symbolic migration
Last fall we created butterflies with our third grade buddies and sent them to to participate in a symbolic migration to Mexico. The butterflies have finally arrived! Follow this link to look for the butterflies we sent. Find Our Butterflies Enter the name Carroll and you will see the two schools that received our butterflies. Can you find those schools on a map of Mexico? Click through the photos. Can you see our butterflies? Compare their schools with ours. How are they the same and how are they different?

Migrating Monarchs

We have been learning about the life cycle of a butterfly and the amazing migration of monarch butterflies.  The monarch butterflies travel from all over North America to spend the winter in a very small area of Mexico.  Read about it on

Our buddy class (Mrs. Washington’s Third Graders) have helped us participate in the Symbolic Migration.  We are sending a cluster of decorated butterflies and friendly notes to school children in Mexico as a tokens of goodwill between our two countries.  We are ambassadors and building understanding between people of other nations.  We are also citizen scientists sharing observations of our environment as we post on You, too, can follow the migration of the butterflies or post your nature observations on the website via their app on your smartphone.

symbolic migration IMG_8184 IMG_8186

Classroom Happenings

This week we met our Buddy Class. They are Mrs. Washington’s Third Graders and they are eager to help us become confident learners. For our first experience together, they helped us learn how to log on and log off in the computer lab. It was very interesting to see how quickly the TK students caught on to the procedure. I’m sure we will need a bit more practice, but there are several students ready to teach their classmates who need another tutorial. Everybody knows something, so everybody can be a teacher! IMG_7232



Mark Your Calendar

calendarThis is our last week on-track and it is full to the brim. We’ll be participating in a Mystery Number Google Hang-Out on Wednesday with a first grade class at Arlene Hein Elementary. We’ll test our number senses again on Thursday with a first grade class in Truckee. We will be asking and answering questions to find the Mystery Number. On Thursday and Friday, we will meet up with our Big Buddies to work in the garden. We have some weeding to do as well as sowing seeds for the next crop. What do you think we will be planting?

If you would like to participate with us, please let me know. We can always use another pair of hands. We would also welcome a donation of 2 bags of planting soil.:D

Picture Money is due now.
Monday: Homework and folders are due.
Wednesday: Library books are due.
Friday: Minimum Day- all Kindergartners come 7:45 AM – 11:16 AM
Orders for Dodo Bags are due.
April 6 to April 27: We are off-track.
Tuesday, April 28: Back to School!

Learning to Code

download (1)Today we had our first experience with computer programming.  Our Big Buddies met us in the computer lab and we began our online lessons at  This is a fantastic way to work on so many many skills.  We had a great time!  We hope to make this a regular activity.  More importantly, everyone can work on from any device at any time.  I will send home a special card on Friday in your child’s homework folder.    This card has the URL needed to log on to our class at and your child’s secret picture password.  Keep it in a safe place. I have printed them in color and laminated these cards.  I will not be able to replace them.  A clever idea is to take a picture of the card with your phone so you have a handy copy.  Enjoy!  Check out more pics on our photoblog.

iphone1-26 027iphone1-26 045iphone1-26 030

iphone1-26 046

Carrots and Radishes and Weeds, Oh My!

download (1)

We met our Big Buddies in the garden today.  It was impressive!  Our garden bed had a forest of carrots and weeds.  It was hard to see what was ready to be picked.  But we took our time and looked carefully.  The Big Buddies helped us dig down and loosen the soil so we could each get a carrot out.  We were surprised when some of us pulled up radishes instead!  Everyone got at least one vegetable to take home.  There are many more in the garden bed.  We will have to go back next week and finish our harvest.  Then we will wash the vegetables and taste them in class.  We also talked about how we could make our garden better the next time we start planting.

Buddy Art Today

fall trees 002We spent the morning with our Third Grade Buddies from Mrs. Ghilain’s class. They helped us create beautiful painted trees to represent autumn. Now we’d like to put them on display in the office. Please let me know if you are available to decorate the office bulletin board with our trees. We would like to get them up some time next week. Thanks in advance for your help.

Mrs. P

Welcome Back!

Oh my goodness! How wonderful to see you all back at school. I really missed my 24 hugs a day while we were off-track. It seems that all my students were also happy to be back, too.

This past week we met our Third Grade Buddies from Mrs. Ghilain’s class. They helped us put together our own books. Then each student read the book with their buddy and got some tips on learning sight words. We had a little extra time so we enjoyed some “GoNoodle” silliness, too. (GoNoodle is a fun website for music and pe activities)

Mrs. P 😀

Blogging Buddies: Music

Music is important and this is why.  One reason is almost anybody can learn it.  Another reason is you can make your own music in different ways.  You can use other instruments and by singing.  Instruments are a part of music, too.  There are other types of music like jazz, hip hop, classical, opera, instrumental, and gospel.  Music can give you patience.  This is why music should be our homework because you can express yourself.  How does music help you?  How many syllables are in “instruments”?

3rd Grade:  Kayla, Yeala, Nick
2nd Grade:  Brian, Grace, Karisse, Cailie