Beauty and the Beast

Shout out to Aahana’s mom, Cruz’s dad, Emme’s dad, Savannah’s mom, LaDerick’s dad, Victoria’s mom, and Leah’s mom. Thank you chaperoning our walk to see the play at Franklin High School. I am glad you got to witness the high quality production that these teens present. The students were amazed at the experience of live theater. I am certain they’ll love seeing another play anytime.

Happy New Year!

2018 is right around the corner! January will have many more adventures ahead for our TK class. First we’ll wrap up some activities involving that tricky Gingerbread Man. Then we’ll explore some “snowy” books and learning activities. Finally, we’ll launch a study unit about birds which will culminate with a FREE field trip to Stone Lakes National Wildlife Reserve on February 1st. That will bring us to the end of our second trimester and we’ll be off-track from February 3 through March 4. I think January’s going to fly by!

Plan now to join in our adventures this month. Just let me know what day and time is most convenient for you.

Solar Eclipse Info

We have been busy learning about the sun, the moon, and the solar eclipse all week. We acted out the eclipse, read books and did an online lesson at We also practiced using a pinhole projector with our sixth grade buddies. We even found out why we should NEVER look at the sun, even for a moment. The dramatic demonstration got everyone’s attention!

We will be observing the changes before, during, and after the eclipse on Monday morning. We will have our big buddies from Mrs. Groom’s sixth grade class with us, but parents are welcome, too. I only have enough eclipse glasses for the students, so bring your own if you will be participating with us. Make and bring a pinhole projector or you can use one of ours.

If you won’t be able to join us at school, I hope you get outside to observe this rare event for yourself. Here is a link to a website with some ways to safely view the solar eclipse on Monday, August 21st. You just need a couple of items that are probably in your house right now.

The Color Days are Coming!

The Color Days are coming and it’s going to be fun. Help your child dress in clothing that matches the color of the day. Sign up to donate a color-coordinating snack. Just click on the Volunteer tab above.

Monday July 24 – Red Day
Tuesday July 25 – Orange Day
Wednesday July 26 – Yellow Day
Thursday July 27 – Green Day
Friday July 28 – Blue Day

Monday July 31 – Purple Day
Tuesday August 1 – Pink Day
Wednesday August 2 – Brown Day
Thursday August 3 – Black Day
Friday August 4 – White Day

Monday August 7 – Rainbow Day

Our First Full Week

It’s been a lovely first week of school. The students are adjusting very well to our routine and expectations. There are many, many smiling faces from beginning of class to the end. It fills my heart to have a room full of happy children who are excited about learning.

Here are a few reminders:
*Sign up for Seesaw. I use Seesaw to communicate with parents and document student progress. It’s easy and so efficient! You can download the Seesaw Family app and scan the code I sent home. Then you will be connected to your child’s digital portfolio. It will give an experience you will treasure forever. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can still log on from any device and have full access.

*Correct and return the student information forms.
*Sign and return the permission forms for Digital Literacy, Internet Use, Library Policy.
*Send a change of clothes for your child in a one-gallon ziplock bag.
*Set up your Shutterfly account to stay up-to-date with class events, access photos, sign up to volunteer. Check your email for an email from me with the link.
*Sign up for a parent-teacher conference through our Shutterfly Site.
*Sign up to volunteer through our Shutterfly Site. Your support for our TK students will make a huge difference all year long.

Water Play Day!

Plan to get wet on Water Play Day!
When: Monday, May 22nd
Noon – 2:00 PM
Who: D-track K/TK
Where: Our playground

Bring a backpack with: towel, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, water bottle, and water shoes (i.e. safe shoes that can get we!) NO FLIP FLOPS WITHOUT A HEEL STRAP!
Label your items!

Wear your swimsuit UNDER your clothes. (No “undies” needed. They’ll just get wet or lost.)

Optional: Bring a snack to share. Finger-foods only. No nut products or hard-boiled eggs.

Helpers needed for set-up, supervision, and clean-up. Email me if you are available.

See You Soon!

Dear TK Families,

We have just one more weekend of vacation. I hope you have had a wonderful time while we’ve been off-track. I was very busy packing up my house and getting ready to move. Don’t worry! I am not going far; I will still be your child’s teacher. I did get to visit my three grandkids in Atlanta, but that was anything but restful!

Please go to our Shutterfly site (click on “Volunteer” tab above) and update when you will be able to help in class. Your participation is essential to making our TK experience the best it can be. (And I am sincerely appreciative!)

Since our classmate Emily is spending an extended time in China, we get to welcome a new friend on Monday. His name is Ameer and he is five years old just like the rest of the class. I’m sure he is excited to meet us, too.

I am looking forward to hugging all my munchkins on Monday. We have many more learning adventures to explore together!

Mrs. P