The Color Days are Coming!

The Color Days are coming and it’s going to be fun. Help your child dress in clothing that matches the color of the day. Sign up to donate a color-coordinating snack. Just click on the Volunteer tab above.

Monday July 24 – Red Day
Tuesday July 25 – Orange Day
Wednesday July 26 – Yellow Day
Thursday July 27 – Green Day
Friday July 28 – Blue Day

Monday July 31 – Purple Day
Tuesday August 1 – Pink Day
Wednesday August 2 – Brown Day
Thursday August 3 – Black Day
Friday August 4 – White Day

Monday August 7 – Rainbow Day

Our First Full Week

It’s been a lovely first week of school. The students are adjusting very well to our routine and expectations. There are many, many smiling faces from beginning of class to the end. It fills my heart to have a room full of happy children who are excited about learning.

Here are a few reminders:
*Sign up for Seesaw. I use Seesaw to communicate with parents and document student progress. It’s easy and so efficient! You can download the Seesaw Family app and scan the code I sent home. Then you will be connected to your child’s digital portfolio. It will give an experience you will treasure forever. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can still log on from any device and have full access.

*Correct and return the student information forms.
*Sign and return the permission forms for Digital Literacy, Internet Use, Library Policy.
*Send a change of clothes for your child in a one-gallon ziplock bag.
*Set up your Shutterfly account to stay up-to-date with class events, access photos, sign up to volunteer. Check your email for an email from me with the link.
*Sign up for a parent-teacher conference through our Shutterfly Site.
*Sign up to volunteer through our Shutterfly Site. Your support for our TK students will make a huge difference all year long.

My DonorsChoose.Org Project

Hi Friends, Families, and Visitors,

donorschooseAs many of you know, I have been creating videos with my students for over three years. It is a powerful way to get kids learning 21st century skills. Besides, it is just plain fun! I want to ramp up my own skills and provide the next level of video production opportunities for our school. I will soon be launching a video production team at my school and we are in need of a portable teleprompter. (If we get this item funded, we may also qualify for a grant to provide even more equipment to set up a real video production lab.) So I created a request at

Communication Skills Are Keys to Success

Your support would mean so much to school. If you chip in to help, we’ll send awesome photos and our heartfelt thanks.

Thanks so much,

Mrs. P

P.S. If you know anyone who may want to help my classroom, please pass this along!

Color Weeks!

We are celebrating colors beginning Monday, July 25th. Everyday for two weeks, we will do some fun projects to become experts on each color.
Look at the schedule below and try and dress in the color of the day. Even socks or a stripe of that color will do. Please don’t go out and spend money on clothing for this unit. If you don’t find a particular color in your child’s closet, no worries! We will still have fun.
If you would like to provide a color related snack for the class, sign up on the Shutterfly list.

Monday 7/25: Red Day
Tuesday 7/26: Orange Day
Wednesday 7/27: Yellow Day
Thursday 7/28: Green Day
Friday 7/29: Blue Day
Monday 8/1: Purple/Pink Day
Tuesday 8/2: Black Day
Wednesday 8/3: Brown Day
Thursday 8/4: White Day
8/5: Red-White-Blue Day
Please note: Friday 8/5 is Olympic Day and
Class time is 7:45 AM – 11:16 AM

End of Year Reminders


Here are a few reminders:

Library books and blue folders are due NOW.

Please send in a $5.00 to cover the cost of food and supplies for our Beach Blanket Bingo BBQ. The money is due Friday 17th (tomorrow) Cash only, please.

If you would like to purchase a yearbook, they are available in the office for $20.00.

If you are thinking about an end-of-the-year thank you gift for me or Mrs. Noya (completely voluntary, of course!), please consider an Amazon gift card. Any amount can be used towards so many things that are needed in the classroom to support us in integrating technology and making the best experiences available for learning.

Our Beach Blanket Bingo BBQ is Tuesday, June 21st.
• Wear safe shoes (no flip-flops)
• Wear your swimsuit under your clothes
• Bring “undies” in your backpack
• Bring towel, sunscreen, hat &/or sunglasses
• Do NOT bring snack
• Sign up on Shutterfly if you can help with set up, serving, or clean up.(or email me )

Our last day is Friday, June 24th. It’s a minimum day so our class time is 7:45 AM – 11:16 AM

Don’t forget to save your child’s Seesaw file! Follow the link in the previous post.

Save the Date!

It’s the TK Beach Blanket Bingo BBQ!

When: Tuesday, June 21st
Time: 11:04 AM – 2:35 PM
What to bring: towel, sunscreen, sunglasses and/or hat, water-shoes (flip-flops are too slippery). Wear your swimsuit under your school clothes. Put a pair of “undies” in your backpack for when we get ready to go home.


The volunteer list will soon be posted on Shutterfly.

A $5.00 donation will cover all food and party supplies and save you a trip to the store!

We Need Empty Jars

Maries Hello TK Families,
I have a special project idea for us to try and every child needs to bring a clean, empty jar. I would prefer jars from Marie’s Salad Dressings. A one-pint mason jar will also work. Please tape your child’s name to the bottom of the jar. Send it to school by Friday, April 29th.

Pennies for Patients Update

penniesGood Morning Carroll Comets! My name is Janelle Gates and I am one of your Pennies for Patients Representatives.

Congratulations on a great job with the Pennies for Patients campaign! Some highlights of our campaign were:

• 40 classrooms earned a bronze pennant for raising at least 100 dollars.
• 18 classrooms earned a silver pennant for raising at least 200 dollars.
• 8 classrooms earned a gold pennant for raising over 300 dollars.
o Ms. Burnat’s class raised $364.95 and earned a pizza party
o Ms. Ellis’ class raised $699.26 and also earned a pizza party

We should all feel very proud of ourselves because every penny, nickel, dime, quarter, dollar, and check donated will help save the lives of cancer patients!

Our schools grand total raised was $10,011.01(ten thousand eleven dollars and one cent). That is 111% of our goal! That is also $2300 more than we raised last year as a school.


A note from Mrs. Petuya: I am very proud to announce that our class total was $204.34.