Off-Track Begins!

I can’t believe our next vacation is here already.  This break is a long one – six weeks!  So here are so ideas to keep you learning.  Do something kind for someone else.  Do your chores.  Work on your homework packet and read, read, read.  Be sure to mark off each activity as you go.  Add a sticker or a smiley face if you really liked it.  Visit with your family and talk about some school adventures.  Share our blog with your relatives.  Ask them to leave a comment.   Listen to Oreo’s messages. Follow the links to our photoblog, Twitter, and VoiceThread.  Send me a list of your favorite iPad apps.  I will check them out and see if we can use them in class in January.  Log on and use,,,,  If you have another favorite website, let me know.

Have a safe and fun time with your family.  I’ll see you on January 5, 2015.

Mrs. P

Follow us on Twitter!

images (2)Did you know we are tweeting on Twitter?  It’s a great way to go beyond our classroom walls to connect with the world.  We post comments and questions to build relationships and extend our curiosity.  We have begun a conversation with author Eloise Greenfield.  We are reading some of her poems and stories and she is responding to our tweets.  How cool is that?  Our Twitter handle is: @mrspetuyasclass.  We’ll look for you in the “Twittersphere”.

Our First VoiceThread

pumpkin 005Thanks to Aleena’s mom, we have completed our first VoiceThread.  Click here to locate “Life Cycle of a Pumpkin”.  Then you can listen to us tell some facts that we learned about pumpkins.  We hope to share our growing knowledge in this way more often.  Please leave us some comments.  It will help inspire us to keep studying.


Storybook Character Day

download (3)Friday November 21st is your chance to dress up like a storybook character and wear the costume to school.  Be sure to bring the book with you so we can enjoy the whole storybook experience.  We will also compare what makes a character real or make-believe.  I do believe a parade route is being planned as well.  It will be a special way to spend our last day on track together.

Math Talk

The students know that when they instantly recognize how many objects there are, that’s called subitizing.  Now we are learning to explain what we can often see so quickly.  For example, dots arranged like this: OOO  OO  may be seen as 3 and 2 more make 5.  They may also recognize 5 objects if they are arranged like a 5 on a die.  It is important for students to extend their language capabilities so they can clearly explain their thinking, a dominant skill in Common Core State Standards.

We also are spending several lessons counting on from five.  We fill  a 5-frame with cubes and then add 1 more or 2 more, etc.  Students need practice to understand that they do not have to go back to 1 in order to count to the end each time we make a new number model.

Another skill we are working on is making different combinations of 10.  We start with a train of 10 cubes and then break it apart in different ways.  It takes a few tries before students realize that every combination still gives a total of 10.

I hope this background information will help you practice and extend  these skills at home.

Please Comment!


We have noticed that we are getting visitors from around our state, the  country and even the world.  We are so excited about that.  Please leave us a comment.  Don’t be shy. We would love to start a conversation with you.  You can also follow us on Twitter @mrspetuyasclass.

Mrs. Petuya’s Class


Important Dates and Events

calendarTuesday 11/4:  ELECTION DAY!  Be sure to vote.  It’s important.

Every Wednesday:  WALK TO SCHOOL WEDNESDAY.  If you walk or ride a bike/scooter to school get a handstamp from a student helper.  The class with the most walkers gets a treat!

Thursday 11/6:  PICTURE RE-TAKES.  You must let me know if you want your child to retake their photograph.

Every Friday: SPIRIT RALLY!  Wear your Carroll Shirts or plain navy blue.  The class with the most students showing their school spirit gets a prize! You can get an order form in the office if you want to get a shirt or jacket.

Until 11/14 – KIDSCAN!  We are collecting donations of non-perishable food and canned goods.  For a complete list of items go to  Donations will go to The Elk Grove Food Bank to help local families in need.  We will be counting the cans we collect.  Do you think we can make it to 100?

Until 11/18 -BUTTER BRAIDS  FUNDRAISER for technology improvements and classroom supplies.

Thursday 11/20 – PTA Meeting

Friday 11/21 – Dinner Night Out at Chuck E. Cheese

Friday 11/21 – MINIMUM DAY (All kindergartners come in the morning. No backpacks, please)

11/24/14 to 1/2/15 –  No School for B-Track. We will be OFF-TRACK.

1/5/15 – Students return to school