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Making videos is quickly becoming a favorite way to learn. Follow these links to see creative student work from Mrs. Petuya’s class.

A Healthy Meal¬†created with Lynnette Fuka, Vivian Robbins, Brandyn Hoang, Megen Nguyen, and Ty’Cheish Barley to teach an important topic in 90 seconds or less. This video won highest honors in a worldwide competition through NextVista.Org in 2015. It has also won an Honorable Mention at the SEVAs in 2016 and First Place at the CA Student Media Festival in 2016. We think that is pretty cool!

SEVA Highlights April 2016

CSMF Highlights June 2016

What do you want to be when you grow up? In Our First Steps we tell what we would like to be. This video was shown at our promotion ceremony in June 2015. Produced by Natalie Wilson.

I Heart Hand Signs directed 100% by Sophia Berry Sakai, 2nd Grader, in June 2014 during our second Digital Learning Day with BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) option.

Check Meowt! directed by Sophia Berry Sakai, 4th Grader, February 2016. Starring Mrs. Petuya’s TK class.

The Singing TK Class a short movie trailer about our TK class, directed by Sophia Berry Sakai, 4th grader. February 2016

I Heart Hand Signs by TK students. Directed by Sophia Berry Sakai. February 2016.

TK Zoo Phonics by TK students. Co-producers: Mrs. Petuya and Sophia Berry Sakai. February 2016.

TK Rollercoaster by TK Students. Producer: Sophia Berry Sakai. May 2016

TK Backwards Rabbit by TK Students. Co-producers: Sophia Berry Sakai and Melika Mazloom. May 2016

A Day in TK Co-producers: Mrs. Petuya and Sophia Berry Sakai. June 2016

Space Unicorn Produced by Sophia Berry Sakai. June 2016.

Building TK Town June 2016

TK Town Opens June 2016

Dance Party August 2016

Olympic Day August 2016

TK Fun Run September 2016

Fog Willow Farms October 2016

Hour of Code December 2016

We Love Bee-bot! December 2016

The Gingerbread Man Ran Away! December 2016

Harp Music December 2016

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