Open House Recap

VTDear Families,

Thank you so much for spending last Thursday evening in our classroom. It is my favorite day of the year because families come together to encourage all our young learners. I focused on connecting you to our online work because it is so precious to capture the essence of childhood through their voices and thoughts about their experiences. Childhood goes by in a flash, but with forever access online you can always return to these moments and hear the joy and wonder in their voices. Don’t forget to leave your own comments so your child can reminisce with fondness as they listen to your voice many years from now.

I will be sending an email with the links to our VoiceThreads so those who did not attend can have access as well.

Mrs. P

Seesaw Overload

seesawIf you haven’t checked your child’s Seesaw folder lately, you are in for a bit of a shock. I finally had a few moments to upload the photos I have been taking over the last several weeks. As you can see there has been a great deal of learning going on! When you come to Open House tomorrow, I will be showing you how to access and capture these special moments forever online. Welcome to the future of learning!

Happy Mother’s Day

tissue-paper-candle-holder-a-gift-kids-can-make-slideshowmainimageSending best wishes to all the mothers of my adorable students. The students were very purposeful as they decorated the jars and created their flowers for you. The jar can be a vase, a candle holder, or just a lovely container for any items of your choosing. My daughter made one for me many years ago and I still use it to hold coins on my dresser. Every time I look at it, I remember her joyful smile and hearty giggles when she was just a little munchkin. It is my hope that this jar will spark such memories for you in the future.