Download Your Child’s Seesaw Portfolio

Just one more day of TK! Now that is hard to believe. But the calendar is correct.

So here is a final assignment for you. Follow the link below to learn how to save your child’s Seesaw Portfolio from this year. The steps are laid out very clearly at I don’t want you to miss taking ownership of your child’s work. It will be their digital yearbook from TK.

I have fallen behind in posting photos, so don’t download before July! I don’t want the students to be shortchanged on the memories.

Open House

Dear TK Families,
We had a wonderful turn out at our TK Open House. I loved witnessing the leadership skills as each student gave instructions to their families tonight. They have all had a very successful year developing academically and socially. I am blown away by how many of my students are reading! Even more importantly, it is touching to see them filled with confidence and kindness. Thank you for allowing me to partner with you this year.
Mrs. P

Beauty and the Beast

Shout out to Aahana’s mom, Cruz’s dad, Emme’s dad, Savannah’s mom, LaDerick’s dad, Victoria’s mom, and Leah’s mom. Thank you chaperoning our walk to see the play at Franklin High School. I am glad you got to witness the high quality production that these teens present. The students were amazed at the experience of live theater. I am certain they’ll love seeing another play anytime.

Time Flies…

As the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun! We have been honing our skills and exploring new opportunities.

The students were introduced to Zoo-Phonics in April. It was familiar to just a handful. But it only took a couple of days before everyone had caught on to the letter sounds. I have used this program for many years and it never fails to give every student a deeper understanding of the letter and sound relationships. I will try my best to make our own Zoo-Phonics video. In the meantime, check out the one made by a previous class on the Class Video tab.

We have also worked diligently on letter formation. I use a program called Handwriting Without Tears. It is wonderful! With this program I can explicitly teach students how to write every letter. It unlocks the mystery of how to make all though “squiggles” so others can read them. The name says it all! No tears here!

There are many parent resources at