The Week Ahead:

Library books are due on Monday.
We are going to Fog Willow Farm on Tuesday.
The Jog-A-Thon is on Wednesday. Wear tennis shoes for running! Please send in your pledges this week. The money will be used to purchase new PE equipment. FYI: Our turn to run will take place between 9:30 AM- 10:00 AM. Parent helpers are needed.
Homework and Folders are due on Thursday.
Minimum Day is on Friday. (All Kindergartners come for the morning session. Our schedule does not change.) We will spend part of the day with our 4th/5th grade buddies working on a special project.

We needed the rain, but…

We were all sooo ready to head to the pumpkin patch, but the rain came down, down, down. We have rescheduled the trip for Tuesday, September 30th. I expect some chaperones will not be able to take an additional day off, but maybe some others will become available. Please let me know if you are one who will accompany us on Tuesday.

A huge THANK YOU is going out to all those parents who stuck around and helped with picture day. As far as I could tell, everyone brought their best smile this morning.

Mrs. P 😀

Help Wanted

42VolunteersNeeded_jpgLooking for some ways to help in class or at home? Read on!

The take-home work is on the counter next to the door. Just pick up a project and bring it back in a day or so. A sample or directions will be included.

In class help has many options. For example:
Mondays- collect library books from students
Daily- put notices in student cubbies
Weekly- lead a small group activity; sharpen pencils
Monthly- check in student homework; prep new homework packets
Occasionally- assist with special art, science, or technology projects; be a guest reader (or listener)

Here are some in-class projects that I have planned:

O.R.E.O cookie project- we’ll be stacking, measuring, and graphing Oreo cookies in a nationwide project.
Symbolic Monarch Migration- we’ll be decorating paper butterflies and sending them to children in Mexico as we learn about migration.
Tulip Garden- we’ll be planting tulip bulbs and comparing our observations with other classes around the world through Journey North.

Donations needed: Oreos (4 packages); tulip bulbs (24 or more); potting soil and a barrel.

There are many more projects in the works, including Twitter and Skpe; but I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself. Let’s just say that you will be amazed and eager to join us.

Pumpkins and Pictures

zucca_architetto_frances_01On Thursday the 25th we will be taking our first field trip. We are heading to the pumpkin patch at Fog Willow Farm in Wilton. The bus will be leaving at 8:30 AM and we plan to return at 11:00 AM. The cost is $10 per student and $4 per chaperone. Chaperones will need to drive in their own vehicles since the bus will be full of students.

A few students have not yet turned in permission forms. I will not be able to accept them after Tuesday, the 23rd. If your child will not be attending, just let me know.

You may have noticed that Picture Day is also on the 25th. So, I have arranged for our class to be first in line for photos. If you would like your child to change from “picture” clothes to “field trip” clothes, please let me know and send them in a clearly labeled bag. I will do my best to make sure clothing changes take place. If you are able to stay and assist, I would be very thankful.

Mrs. P

Welcome Back!

Oh my goodness! How wonderful to see you all back at school. I really missed my 24 hugs a day while we were off-track. It seems that all my students were also happy to be back, too.

This past week we met our Third Grade Buddies from Mrs. Ghilain’s class. They helped us put together our own books. Then each student read the book with their buddy and got some tips on learning sight words. We had a little extra time so we enjoyed some “GoNoodle” silliness, too. (GoNoodle is a fun website for music and pe activities)

Mrs. P 😀