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Transitional Kindergarten Goals

Transitional kindergarten (TK) emphasizes the importance of physical, social, emotional, and cognitive growth through hands-on exploration and collaboration with peers and adults.  The intent of TK is to promote strong social emotional development, oral language development, and foundational academics through intentional creative interactions.  Regular use of music, creative arts, and movement are evident in cross-curricular areas ensuring students reach social and academic standards.  Opportunities for students to share, discuss, and explain their learning also occur prominently throughout the day. It is through each teacher’s execution of developmentally appropriate activities that TK students acquire a strong school footing, and a love for learning!

Our school district has taken great care to create expectations for young children that are based on the best research in early childhood.  You can click here to view a summary of the goals we will help your child reach this year.

Assessment and Play-Based Learning

In TK, assessment is an on-going process based on frequent anecdotal notes from daily observations. Every activity and project is specifically designed to provide opportunities for development of age-appropriate skills. A firm foundation for school readiness comes in the form of play. Play is the essential component for learning in early childhood. Recent brain research shows just how critical it is to have ample amounts of time for free exploration of a wide variety of materials and experiences. Research also shows how the absence of play time is hindering academic success in many children and even contributing to a rise in sensory, motor, emotional, and cognitive issues. Click here to read an exceptional article about the effects of play.

Report cards are provided each trimester and items are marked as IP (In progress according to appropriate developmental stage), P (Needs practice to meet standards) or S (Meeting standards). Parents are kept informed of their child’s progress throughout the trimester through regular postings in each child’s digital portfolio (the Seesaw app). And of course, with phone calls, emails, and chats before or after class. There should be no surprises when report cards are sent home.

Formal conferences will be offered to every parent near the end of the first trimester. Formal conferences for the second and third trimesters will be scheduled as needed. Of course, a conference can be requested at anytime.


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