Home Project is Due Sept. 20th

Yesterday I sent home information about a “Book Bag” project.  Look for a blue paper in the homework folder or backpack. Students are to read one chapter book  and decorate a bag to go with the theme of that book.  Students are to create 3 items to put in the bag.  A list of suggestions is on the blue paper.  (Character puppet, write a letter to a character, write a new adventure for the character, etc).  Other ideas are welcome, just let me know what it is.  The project is due on Sept. 20th. 

Happy Reading!
Mrs. Petuya

Check Out Our Pig Tales!

Click the tab marked “Our Online Work” and go to VoiceThread to hear our first stories of the year, Pig Tales.  We are excited to share our work with the world.  If you sign up for VoiceThread you can even leave us a message about how you think we did. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Help Needed!

It seems trivial, but our pencils need sharpening. I would like to be able to send a bundle of dull pencils home with a student and have them returned with sharp leads that are ready to handle our workload.  Let me know if you have an electric sharpener and a few minutes to spare. I can send a bundle home tomorrow.  Thanks for helping us stay “sharp!”


Figs Are Yummy!

We have been reading a humorous story called, “Ant and the Three Little Figs”.  It has certainly made us laugh as the pigs were changed to figs and the wolf was changed to a lemon.  But what exactly is a fig?  Thanks to Alisha, we now know.  Alisha has a fig tree in her yard and brought some fruit to share.  We made observations with our five senses and nearly all of us decided that figs are quite tasty.  So you may have some new requests during your next trip to the grocery store.

What’s up with the vocabulary words?

You may have noticed a list of vocabulary words on the homework assignment page and wondered what to do with them.  I have listed those words so you are aware of words we cover in detail in class. To truly learn new words, students need many, many opportunities to use the words. So please review those words at home and help your student become more familiar with them.  Using each word in a sentence (verbally) or being able to give a synonym or show an example would be a simple way to practice them. 

Thanks for all you do!

Mrs. Petuya