Oh my goodness! Our Trimester Celebration was a wonderful success. Our day was filled with games, prizes, face-painting, and yummy treats. It was a tremendous day because of you, dear families. Thank you to the following brave souls for spending the day with us: Miley’s mom, Michael’s mom and sister, Na’Mat’s sister, Isabella’s mom, Demarrie’s mom, brother and sister, Brianna’s aunt, and Justin’s mom. And thank you to the very long list of families who made donations of food, prizes, and game supplies. Your efforts are truly appreciated.

Be sure to check Shutterfly for even more photos!

Trimester Celebration!

danceWe have reached the end of our first Trimester! So, Mrs. Noya and I decided that we need a time to celebrate our success. On Thursday October 22nd all of our students will attend school from 7:45 AM – 11:16 AM. We’ll have tons of fun with games, treats, and fall-related activities.
See our Shutterfly for list of helpers and donations needed. This is a not a Halloween party, so no costumes.

Thank You Chaperons!

We had a very safe and educational field trip today because of the many chaperons who volunteered their time to go with us. Huge “thank yous” go out to Kehara’s mom, Vivienne’s dad, Miley’s mom, Dorothy’s mom, Michael’s mom, Demarrie’s mom, Isabella’s mom, Zoey’s step-dad, and Waylan’s and Amelia’s mom. You were an integral part of this adventure! I am most appreciative of your assistance. Be sure to upload some of your best photos to share on Shutterfly.

The pumpkins will be coming home tomorrow. If you decorate your pumpkin, please take a photo of it with your child and share it on Shutterfly. We’d love to see the creative outcomes.

Migrating Monarchs

We have been learning about the life cycle of a butterfly and the amazing migration of monarch butterflies.  The monarch butterflies travel from all over North America to spend the winter in a very small area of Mexico.  Read about it on

Our buddy class (Mrs. Washington’s Third Graders) have helped us participate in the Symbolic Migration.  We are sending a cluster of decorated butterflies and friendly notes to school children in Mexico as a tokens of goodwill between our two countries.  We are ambassadors and building understanding between people of other nations.  We are also citizen scientists sharing observations of our environment as we post on You, too, can follow the migration of the butterflies or post your nature observations on the website via their app on your smartphone.

symbolic migration IMG_8184 IMG_8186



calendarPlease remember to return the field trip permission slip and $10 fee by Tuesday, 10/6.

Our October Birthday celebration will also be on Tuesday, 10/6.  This is the only day that we will be recognizing birthdays this month.  With 12 students turning five this month, individual celebrations would be unmanageable. That is why we have asked the birthday kids to bring one item to help make Tuesday a special day we can celebrate together.

Budding Artists

We are continuing to experiment with collage using a variety of materials.  The students are beginning to plan their designs and expand their ability to concentrate on the creative process.  They are learning how to use familiar materials in new ways.  I love providing collage options for the students because the process requires deep thinking and problem solving and the results are always interesting conversation pieces.

We had the recent opportunity for an art lesson from a real artist, Miss Haley Hauder. (Yes, our principal, Mr. Hauder, is her dad!)  The students were attentive to her directions and worked with care to create a realistic fox. I must say the little creatures are quite adorable.  You will be able to see them on display next month in our very first school-wide art show.  More details will be coming soon.

IMG_8200 (1) IMG_8202 IMG_8108



Grapes are Great!


We had our first tasting experience recently as part of our “Harvest of the Month” lessons. This opportunity is partially funded by Raley’s and Bel-Air Markets and provides many classrooms with fresh fruits and vegetables for students to try.  We use all five senses to observe and learn about the food choice.  We practice using descriptive words to build our vocabulary and verbal skills. We also record our observations in a workbook that will go home at the end of the year. I have found this to be a valuable learning experience for my students, even if the food choice is a familiar one, like the grapes we just had.