Learning to Code

download (1)Today we had our first experience with computer programming.  Our Big Buddies met us in the computer lab and we began our online lessons at code.org.  This is a fantastic way to work on so many many skills.  We had a great time!  We hope to make this a regular activity.  More importantly, everyone can work on code.org from any device at any time.  I will send home a special card on Friday in your child’s homework folder.    This card has the URL needed to log on to our class at code.org and your child’s secret picture password.  Keep it in a safe place. I have printed them in color and laminated these cards.  I will not be able to replace them.  A clever idea is to take a picture of the card with your phone so you have a handy copy.  Enjoy!  Check out more pics on our photoblog.

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New Photos Added

Be sure to check the Photoblog Tab for new photos that have been posted. I hope you enjoy getting a glimpse into our class activities in this way.  Remember, you can select your favorites and print your own book at the end of the year.  If you forgot the password or never logged on before, let me know and I can help you out.

Antarctica, Here We Come!

downloadI have registered our class for a very special event on Wednesday, January 21st.  We will be participating in a video conference from 10 – 11 AM with scientists in ANTARCTICA!  Time For Kids has arranged for many, many classrooms to get connected via the internet to hear directly from those men and women who are way down under studying penguins.  I have some penguin-related activities planned for the week, so I think we are in for a treat all week long.

Learning to Code

IMG_5350On Saturday I attended a workshop on how to teach computer science to elementary students.  I have to say it was probably the best training I have EVER had.  Really.  Mike Gargiulo, computer teacher at Elliott Ranch Elementary, took us through a day full of hands-on learning with code.org.  I am very excited to get this curriculum started with my students in class.  The best part is students can work on these puzzles on ANY device and it’s FREE.  Just bookmark the link that I will email you and have your child click on their name and their secret picture to get started.  If you are not sure why this is a good idea,  just poke around the code.org website a little while and you will soon have plenty information to support this endeavor.  I’ll share more as soon as we get started in class. 😀


Classroom Helpers

42VolunteersNeeded_jpgPlease consider coming to our class as a helper.  It would be wonderful to have an extra pair of hands to assist with workshop activities and special art projects.  Stay an hour or the whole morning; Come once or come regularly.  Trust me, it will be fun! Please let me know which days you are available.