Budding Artists

We are continuing to experiment with collage using a variety of materials.  The students are beginning to plan their designs and expand their ability to concentrate on the creative process.  They are learning how to use familiar materials in new ways.  I love providing collage options for the students because the process requires deep thinking and problem solving and the results are always interesting conversation pieces.

We had the recent opportunity for an art lesson from a real artist, Miss Haley Hauder. (Yes, our principal, Mr. Hauder, is her dad!)  The students were attentive to her directions and worked with care to create a realistic fox. I must say the little creatures are quite adorable.  You will be able to see them on display next month in our very first school-wide art show.  More details will be coming soon.

IMG_8200 (1) IMG_8202 IMG_8108



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