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One of the most important homework assignments is that every child should have age-appropriate chores to do at home regularly. It will help your child be considerate of others, mindful of their own actions, and build a sense of purpose and pride in contributing to the well-being of their family.

Young children need many, many opportunities to practice their developing language skills. Be sure to make time to have conversations with your child. Tell your child the names of the animals in a book, the flowers in a garden, or the tools you use. Use descriptive words and model using complete sentences. Encourage your child to speak in complete sentences, too. Repeat nursery rhymes and sing children’s songs together. It takes a long time to master all the words they’ll need when they start reading and writing in school.

Another of the most important homework assignments is daily reading opportunities for at least 10 minutes. The time spent reading with your child is precious and will establish a life-long love of reading. It will also have a huge impact on your child’s academic progress in school. Not reading at home will have just as large an impact. Teachers can provide many different strategies, but we can’t create more time. Young children often just need more time to master a skill. Together, we can ensure greater success for your student.

Standard Homework Assignments:

Reading: 10+ min daily;read out loud
Chores: as assigned by parents
Monthly Calendar: choose several activities from the Monthly Calendar in the links below.
Conversation Starters: Have your child tell something he/she worked on this week. Parents: Tell something you noticed about your child this week.
2nd Step Home Lessons will be sent home most weeks. These lessons will help you learn about and support the social-emotional skills we are working on in class. Complete them together and return the following week.
Optional online reading support:
Info page will be sent home in Trimester 2 with your child’s user name and password.
Finger Gym activities for small finger muscle development
Home Activity Calendar links:

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  1. Hello Catherine, we met at CUE conference in Napa. Thanks for the insight you shared with both Rebecca Jacobs and myself!

    Todd Blackmoore

  2. Good morning,

    I just started teaching TK this year and found your website very helpful. I was trying to access your TK Homework for the month of September but am unable to click on the link. Will you please suggest what to do? Thank you!

    • Hello and Welcome!
      I am glad you found us. Where are you teaching? I hope you love it as much as I do. The link wasn’t activated last week. I just got busy and skipped it. Thanks for the reminder! It should work now.

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