Time Flies…

As the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun! We have been honing our skills and exploring new opportunities.

The students were introduced to Zoo-Phonics in April. It was familiar to just a handful. But it only took a couple of days before everyone had caught on to the letter sounds. I have used this program for many years and it never fails to give every student a deeper understanding of the letter and sound relationships. I will try my best to make our own Zoo-Phonics video. In the meantime, check out the one made by a previous class on the Class Video tab.

We have also worked diligently on letter formation. I use a program called Handwriting Without Tears. It is wonderful! With this program I can explicitly teach students how to write every letter. It unlocks the mystery of how to make all though “squiggles” so others can read them. The name says it all! No tears here!

There are many parent resources at lwtears.com.

Celebrate Your Progress

Dear Families,

It has been my utmost pleasure chatting with you at our conferences about your precious children.  I treasure each and every one of my students.  They make me smile and laugh out loud daily with their cleverness, profound observations and kind hearts.  I have the best job there is!

Report cards for the second trimester went home with the students today.  I hope you enjoy some time reflecting on the progress your child has made so far.  We have covered a lot of ground.  There is reason to celebrate. Visit our VoiceThreads and leave a message of encouragement for your child.  It’s a great motivator to know that others are taking notice of our hard work.

The rest of the year will seem to go by in a flash.  Hold on tight and enjoy the ride!

Mrs. Petuya 😀