Happy Vacation!

Congratulations on a productive first trimester! We have all earned a well-deserved break. I hope you enjoy many relaxed days with family and friends. Many scientific studies clearly show how important play time is for children and adults, too! We learn best and grow most during the time we have for joyful explorations. I encourage you to check out our Twitter feed for more information.

The October Activity Calendar was sent home on Thursday. It is also linked under the TK Homework tab. As always, the most important ways to become a great student is to read and be read to daily and DO SOME CHORES!

This vacation time would also be a great opportunity to workout those small finger muscles. Most of the students are finding it very tiring to write and draw and cut. That’s because their finger muscles are still developing and need some time in the “Finger Gym”. Click HERE to find a list of fun ways to exercise those muscles.

If your child spends some time online, check out the tabs above for links to some good sites. You can also try these free, high quality websites:

Several of you have asked for a list of exceptional apps. I will work on that and post it soon. So check back here.

I’ll be starting my vacation with a technology conference and then jury duty. Later, I’ll fly to Atlanta to spoil my grandchildren and both of my sons. At the end of the month, I get to enjoy time with my daughter. It looks to be a very lucky month for me. What will you be doing?

See you back at school on Wednesday, October 26th at 11:04 AM – 2:35 PM.
Mrs. P

Welcome to Spring!

birds-216827_640Hello TK friends,

I hope you are enjoying your vacation time. The rain may have stopped some plans for a few days this month, but gardens and trees have sprung to life because of it. Take time to look around and notice the changes that are happening daily. What are the animals doing? Do you see birds migrating back to the north? What kind of birds are flying away and what kind are staying here? Are they building nests and defending their territory? It is a very busy time of year in the animal kingdom. There is so much to observe. Leave us a comment about what you have noticed in your neighborhood.

Mrs. P

Vacation Time

I hope you are enjoying your vacation time with your family and friends. I have been very, very busy cleaning my house and donating many items to Goodwill Industries. That may not seem like much fun, but it has been a very important chore to complete. I am glad I took the time to do it. I like the way my house looks when it is clean. It’s so much easier to find things, too! Now I can start finding some more exciting things to get out and do. What have you been doing with your free time? I’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment.
Mrs. P ūüėÄ

Mark Your Calendar

calendarThis is our last week on-track and it is full to the brim. We’ll be participating in a Mystery Number Google Hang-Out on Wednesday with a first grade class at Arlene Hein Elementary. We’ll test our number senses again on Thursday with a first grade class in Truckee. We will be asking and answering questions to find the Mystery Number. On Thursday and Friday, we will meet up with our Big Buddies to work in the garden. We have some weeding to do as well as sowing seeds for the next crop. What do you think we will be planting?

If you would like to participate with us, please let me know. We can always use another pair of hands. We would also welcome a donation of 2 bags of planting soil.:D

Picture Money is due now.
Monday: Homework and folders are due.
Wednesday: Library books are due.
Friday: Minimum Day- all Kindergartners come 7:45 AM – 11:16 AM
Orders for Dodo Bags are due.
April 6 to April 27: We are off-track.
Tuesday, April 28: Back to School!

Off-Track Begins!

I can’t believe our next vacation is here already. ¬†This break is a long one – six weeks! ¬†So here are so ideas to keep you learning. ¬†Do something kind for someone else. ¬†Do your chores. ¬†Work on your homework packet and read, read, read. ¬†Be sure to mark off each activity as you go. ¬†Add a sticker or a smiley face if you really liked it. ¬†Visit with your family and talk about some school adventures. ¬†Share our blog with your relatives. ¬†Ask them to leave a comment.¬†¬†¬†Listen to Oreo’s messages.¬†Follow the links to our photoblog, Twitter, and VoiceThread. ¬†Send me a list of your favorite iPad apps. ¬†I will check them out and see if we can use them in class in January. ¬†Log on and use Lexiacore5.com, thinkcentral.com, starfall.com, tumblebooks.com, pbskids.com. ¬†If you have another favorite website, let me know.

Have a safe and fun time with your family. ¬†I’ll see you on January 5, 2015.

Mrs. P