Off-Track Begins!

I can’t believe our next vacation is here already.  This break is a long one – six weeks!  So here are so ideas to keep you learning.  Do something kind for someone else.  Do your chores.  Work on your homework packet and read, read, read.  Be sure to mark off each activity as you go.  Add a sticker or a smiley face if you really liked it.  Visit with your family and talk about some school adventures.  Share our blog with your relatives.  Ask them to leave a comment.   Listen to Oreo’s messages. Follow the links to our photoblog, Twitter, and VoiceThread.  Send me a list of your favorite iPad apps.  I will check them out and see if we can use them in class in January.  Log on and use,,,,  If you have another favorite website, let me know.

Have a safe and fun time with your family.  I’ll see you on January 5, 2015.

Mrs. P

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