Seeds, Plants, and Flowers

dandelionseeds Have you ever thought about how seeds move? Even though seeds don’t have legs, they can still travel quite far. Try and come up with five different ways that seeds end up far from where they started. Give your answers in a comment to this post. There will be a small prize for every student that replies.

Thanks for Coming!

iphoneJune 017We had a full classroom during our Open House on Thursday evening. I always love this time of year when the students have gained so much confidence and knowledge that they can now teach others. I think several parents were amazed that Kindergartners know about algorithms and computer programming. It certainly looked like everyone was having fun with all the activities. What did you think of the cole slaw made from our very own garden? I saw several students go back for seconds! Check out our Twitter feed for pictures and tweets from the evening.

Mark Your Calendar

calendarThis is our last week on-track and it is full to the brim. We’ll be participating in a Mystery Number Google Hang-Out on Wednesday with a first grade class at Arlene Hein Elementary. We’ll test our number senses again on Thursday with a first grade class in Truckee. We will be asking and answering questions to find the Mystery Number. On Thursday and Friday, we will meet up with our Big Buddies to work in the garden. We have some weeding to do as well as sowing seeds for the next crop. What do you think we will be planting?

If you would like to participate with us, please let me know. We can always use another pair of hands. We would also welcome a donation of 2 bags of planting soil.:D

Picture Money is due now.
Monday: Homework and folders are due.
Wednesday: Library books are due.
Friday: Minimum Day- all Kindergartners come 7:45 AM – 11:16 AM
Orders for Dodo Bags are due.
April 6 to April 27: We are off-track.
Tuesday, April 28: Back to School!

Carrots and Radishes and Weeds, Oh My!

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We met our Big Buddies in the garden today.  It was impressive!  Our garden bed had a forest of carrots and weeds.  It was hard to see what was ready to be picked.  But we took our time and looked carefully.  The Big Buddies helped us dig down and loosen the soil so we could each get a carrot out.  We were surprised when some of us pulled up radishes instead!  Everyone got at least one vegetable to take home.  There are many more in the garden bed.  We will have to go back next week and finish our harvest.  Then we will wash the vegetables and taste them in class.  We also talked about how we could make our garden better the next time we start planting.