Pennies for Patients Update

Good Afternoon Carroll Comets! My name is Faith and I am one of your Pennies for Patients representatives. We have had an amazing 2 weeks of giving. WE have raised $5,053.90. That is more than 50% of our goal. 17 of our classrooms have raised over $100 and have earned a bronze pennant. 2 of our classes have raised over $200 and have earned a Silver Pennant. Remember the primary and intermediate classes with the highest amount raised earn a pizza party. Right now Ms. Burnat’s class with $244.76 and Mr. Stults’ class with $207.55 are in the lead. It is not too late to catch them.

Today we delivered materials to our C-Track classes and welcomed them to our challenge. We have 2 more weeks to meet our school goal of $9000.

We will be selling wristbands again for $2. For $2 you get a wristband and a raffle ticket for a class donut party. Representatives will be selling them each morning when they collect your money. This Friday, the class who collects the MOST money this week will earn a nacho party. Lastly, it is not too late to buy a $5 raffle ticket for Principal for a Day. Let your representative know when they collect your change.

Happy Collecting and remember EVERY PENNY COUNTS!

Additional note from Mrs. P: In case you are wondering, our class total so far is $63.67.

Pennies for Patients

penniesOur guest blogger today is one of the sixth grade students in charge of the Pennies for Patients Fundraiser.

Good Afternoon Carroll Comets! My name is Sahra and I am one our your Pennies for Patients representatives. We have had a GREAT first week. In our first week, which was only 4 days long, we have raised $2,464.70. Give yourselves a HUGE round of applause.

Next week we will be selling wristbands on Monday for $2 on the outdoor stage. This will be your last chance to buy one until C-Track returns on February 1. The winning class will be announced at the end of the 4 week campaign.

Also, next week we will begin selling $5 raffle tickets for the Principal for a day. You can buy as many raffle tickets as you want. Your class representatives will give you more information and a flyer on Monday when they come to collect your donations. Remember ALL money raised goes to our school goal.

Lastly, our current classroom leaders are Ms. Burnat’s class with $154.64 and Mr. Stults’ class with $166.83.

Good luck collecting money this weekend and we will see you on Monday!


Oh my goodness! Our Trimester Celebration was a wonderful success. Our day was filled with games, prizes, face-painting, and yummy treats. It was a tremendous day because of you, dear families. Thank you to the following brave souls for spending the day with us: Miley’s mom, Michael’s mom and sister, Na’Mat’s sister, Isabella’s mom, Demarrie’s mom, brother and sister, Brianna’s aunt, and Justin’s mom. And thank you to the very long list of families who made donations of food, prizes, and game supplies. Your efforts are truly appreciated.

Be sure to check Shutterfly for even more photos!

Trimester Celebration!

danceWe have reached the end of our first Trimester! So, Mrs. Noya and I decided that we need a time to celebrate our success. On Thursday October 22nd all of our students will attend school from 7:45 AM – 11:16 AM. We’ll have tons of fun with games, treats, and fall-related activities.
See our Shutterfly for list of helpers and donations needed. This is a not a Halloween party, so no costumes.

Best Playdough Recipe!

Here is a link to the best playdough recipe I have ever used.  Much better than store-bought! We use playdough in class almost daily.  It’s the perfect mixture of  small muscle exercise and creative fun. It would be wonderful to have a fresh batch of colorful playdough each month.  When you make a batch for home, why not double it and send some to school?  We would be most appreciative.

Click here for the best playdough recipe ever!


Our Wednesday Jog-a-Thon was a great deal of fun.  We have a whole class full of enthusiastic runners.  We all ran for a full ten minutes and nearly half  the class wanted to keep going!  We were cheered on and misted by parents and big kids. They even made a tunnel for us to run through.  The full set of the photos will be uploaded to Shutterfly shortly.  You won’t want to miss those pics!

So far our class has raised nearly $200! That’s very impressive, I’d say. But don’t feel left out if you forgot to turn in your envelope.  There is still time to collect pledges and turn them.

IMG_7488 IMG_7541 IMG_7495 IMG_7494



Wish List


Here is a short list of items I am wishing to use in the classroom. You may have some of these things laying around your house and now you have a place for them to be reused and recycled while you reduce some clutter! Any donation would be most appreciated. I will post this list on our Shutterfly under the “Volunteer” tab. You can sign up there or just send them in.
tennis balls
colorful magnetic letters
Mr. Potato Head parts
embroidery hoops
non-slip drawer mats with large holes
metal juice can lids
assorted nuts and bolts
Lego base plates


It’s time for our annual Jog-a-Thon! This is a fundraiser where students participate in earning money to pay for special programs at school. Please help your child gather pledges from family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors for this event. (Hint: Pledging a flat rate amount is much easier to keep track of, rather than pledging by lap.Write checks to “Carroll Elementary PTA) We will be jogging this Wednesday from 12:00 noon – 12:15 PM. Please make sure your student wears shoes and clothing suitable for jogging that day. The Carroll PTA welcomes all parents who would like to help supervise this event. Please return Pledge Envelopes this week.

Shutterfly Links

Check out the tabs above marked Photoblog and Volunteers. Both tabs will take you to a link to our class Shutterfly site. I have updated my Shutterfly account to cover activities and volunteer needs for the first trimester, including dates on the Shutterfly calendar. I know I had spoken at Orientation of using a different website for various needs, but I decided to keep it all in one place. I hope you find it simple and efficient to use. Please let me know how it goes for you.