Color Weeks!

We are celebrating colors beginning Monday, July 25th. Everyday for two weeks, we will do some fun projects to become experts on each color.
Look at the schedule below and try and dress in the color of the day. Even socks or a stripe of that color will do. Please don’t go out and spend money on clothing for this unit. If you don’t find a particular color in your child’s closet, no worries! We will still have fun.
If you would like to provide a color related snack for the class, sign up on the Shutterfly list.

Monday 7/25: Red Day
Tuesday 7/26: Orange Day
Wednesday 7/27: Yellow Day
Thursday 7/28: Green Day
Friday 7/29: Blue Day
Monday 8/1: Purple/Pink Day
Tuesday 8/2: Black Day
Wednesday 8/3: Brown Day
Thursday 8/4: White Day
8/5: Red-White-Blue Day
Please note: Friday 8/5 is Olympic Day and
Class time is 7:45 AM – 11:16 AM

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