What a Success!

Dearest TK Families,
Thank you for making our Olypmic Day such a tremendous event! Eleven parents from just our class were able to make time in their schedules to join in the fun. Wow! Many parents and siblings from other kindergarten classes were also on hand to set-up, clean-up and supervise the games. Volunteers help make it all happen! And if you see Mrs. Deming, be sure to thank her because she pulled it all together, including the spectacular decorations. If you took some good photos, please add them to our Shutterfly album for all of our families to see.

Olympic Day!

Our Olympic Day is almost here! It is this Friday, August 5th. Class time is 7:45 AM – 11:16 AM. The events will run from 8:45 AM – 11:00 AM. We will be joining the kindergarten classes in the quad for an Opening Ceremony and some fun competition. Please wear red, white, and blue and secure shoes for running, jumping and hopping!
We still need parent volunteers to make this event safe and enjoyable. You can sign up on Shutterfly through the Volunteer tab.

Color Weeks!

We are celebrating colors beginning Monday, July 25th. Everyday for two weeks, we will do some fun projects to become experts on each color.
Look at the schedule below and try and dress in the color of the day. Even socks or a stripe of that color will do. Please don’t go out and spend money on clothing for this unit. If you don’t find a particular color in your child’s closet, no worries! We will still have fun.
If you would like to provide a color related snack for the class, sign up on the Shutterfly list.

Monday 7/25: Red Day
Tuesday 7/26: Orange Day
Wednesday 7/27: Yellow Day
Thursday 7/28: Green Day
Friday 7/29: Blue Day
Monday 8/1: Purple/Pink Day
Tuesday 8/2: Black Day
Wednesday 8/3: Brown Day
Thursday 8/4: White Day
8/5: Red-White-Blue Day
Please note: Friday 8/5 is Olympic Day and
Class time is 7:45 AM – 11:16 AM

Blogging Buddies: Sports

Sports are a very good source of physical education.
Fact 1:  Sports help you lose weight.
Fact 2:  Sports help you release stress.
Fact 3:  Sports help you get fit and healthy.
Fact 4:  A reason kids should play sports is so they can have fun.
Fact 5:  Sports can help you legs and hands learn to move quickly.
Fact 6:  You can learn to be cooperative with the team.

Sports can help you concentrate.  For example, you have to concentrate on the ball in basketball so you can score properly.  In every sport you have to run.  In every sport you can get to know new people.  In some sports you can get power and energy.  When I go to the gym, I run two laps to start my day.  It is good for you to play.  There are many kinds of sports like soccer, basketball, gymnastics and many more. What kind of sports do you like?

3rd Grade:  Deborah, Hamza, Aniket, Noe, Alexis, Devine
2nd Grade:  Sophia, Zaire, Jayden V