Blogging Buddies: Sports

Sports are a very good source of physical education.
Fact 1:  Sports help you lose weight.
Fact 2:  Sports help you release stress.
Fact 3:  Sports help you get fit and healthy.
Fact 4:  A reason kids should play sports is so they can have fun.
Fact 5:  Sports can help you legs and hands learn to move quickly.
Fact 6:  You can learn to be cooperative with the team.

Sports can help you concentrate.  For example, you have to concentrate on the ball in basketball so you can score properly.  In every sport you have to run.  In every sport you can get to know new people.  In some sports you can get power and energy.  When I go to the gym, I run two laps to start my day.  It is good for you to play.  There are many kinds of sports like soccer, basketball, gymnastics and many more. What kind of sports do you like?

3rd Grade:  Deborah, Hamza, Aniket, Noe, Alexis, Devine
2nd Grade:  Sophia, Zaire, Jayden V

18 thoughts on “Blogging Buddies: Sports

  1. I like baseball and basketball because I like running and in these sports there are a lot of running. I do believe that sports gives you good exercise. I want to do swimming in the summer so that it will workout my whole body. I think that sports are very fun and it gives me a lot of energy. I want to try out more sports like soccer and tennis too. What kind of sports are you playing?

  2. I like basketball and soccer.I played in a basketball team before. I would like to try out tennis one day. I like how the people on sports put fact 1,fact 2, fact 3, and so on.

  3. I love swimming because it can help you float. I like the part wen you jump into the pool. I like wen you float like a boat.

  4. I like sports because they listed many different facts. And they listed many different kinds of sports like baseball.

  5. I am into swimming. I do it at least two times in a week year round. It makes my body fit and healthy. I do laps with different strokes. I just love swimming! I also love taekwondo. I am a belt away to 1st degree black belt. I do it twice a week, too. I gain lots of friends doing sports.

    • Dear Charles,
      I am also into swimming! I could do some tricks like, doing a handstand and swim really fast but, I can only swim fast when I’m wearing goggles. The thing I don’t like is bugs in the pool.

    • Dear Charles,
      I like swimming too. We have been swimming a lot these days because it is too hot. I like to go underwater and play cannon ball.

  6. Including facts are a great idea because it’s like a paragraph, but longer. They are interesting, too. The benefits are good to know. how did you get so much information? Also, I think it’s important that you added “you can make friends at sports.” I like your advice about how to score at basketball.

  7. I like sports, too because it makes you fit. How does it make you lose weight? My favorite sport is gymnastics. What is your favorite sport?

  8. Sports are great. I think basketball is hard to play because when the hoops are high, it is hard to shoot and score. What sport is hard for you?

  9. Sports are great. I think basketball is hard because when the hoop is high it is hard to score. What type of sport is hard for you?

  10. It is true, you do get to know new people when playing a sport! I have met some of my favorite people playing on sport teams. We should all get together and play basketball at recess. Who would like to play basketball with me? I like Basketball and Karate! In Karate you need to focus and concentrate.

  11. I like how they put the facts.In baseball I had to concentrate on the ball so I can make a home run.I like soccer because you get to meet people around the world.What sport is your favorite sport?

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