Blogging Buddies: Wild Animals

There are many kinds of wild animals that are important to us. For example, the Arctic wolf is fascinating. In the winter it turns white. It also howls at the full moon at night. Another example is the cheetah. It is the fastest animal on Earth. Studying animals is good for homework so we can learn to save some endangered animals. It also helps the people who want to become scientists or veterinarians. It is important to understand animal lifecycles and their habitats so we keep the world healthy for everyone. That is why learning about wild animals is important to us. What facts have you learned about wild animals?

3rd Grade: Jaelyn, Cristian, Adia
2nd Grade: Bela, Zoe, Jaden O, Isabella

5 thoughts on “Blogging Buddies: Wild Animals

  1. I think picking wild animals is a great idea .Also my favorite animals are horses.If you ever write on wild animals I would like to read about it and learn more facts.I would love to see read more facts .

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