Blogging Buddies: Video Games

Video games are important. One reason is they can teach you new things. For example, Terraria can teach you that when you mix sand with fire you get glass. In some video games, it makes you think harder. Using your brain to create is good because you can learn how to make real life things. Another reason is that you can use your imagination. As in Lego City, you can create trains, hotels, or houses. This is why video games should be our homework. These are some of the reasons why video games are educational. What video games do you play? What kind of video game system do you use, X-Box, Play Station, iPad, iPhone, Wii U, or Wii?

3rd Grade: Frank, Kris, Vincent
2nd Grade: James, Yaseen, Aidan, Oscar, Sufian

5 thoughts on “Blogging Buddies: Video Games

  1. You did very well and I love all the games you listed.If that was part of a test and if I was Mrs.Petuya I would give you an A+.

  2. I liked your information in this blog. To answer your two questions you had, I play Disney infinity on my Wii. I like using my imagination and creating things.

  3. I like playing video games because you can use your imagination. Video games is important because you learn new things. Do you like playing video games?

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