Blogging Buddies: Rainbow Loom

We like Rainbow Loom and this is why. First, we like Rainbow Loom because you can make bracelets and charms. We also like Rainbow Loom because you can make different designs. The last example is that we learn new skills. The kinds of skills we are learning are how to place and loop to make new designs. In conclusion, Rainbow Loom is a fun activity for adults and kids alike. We asked our classmates about their favorite bracelet designs. Here are the results:

Starburst 10          Ladder 1
Taffy Twist 1         Links and Knots 2
Fishtail 1                Truffela Twins 2
Sailor’s Pinstripe 3
Have you tried to make a Rainbow Loom bracelet? Rainbow Loom is fun and we know you will like it.

3rd Grade: Natalia, William
2nd Grade: Alisha, Meher, Samantha

7 thoughts on “Blogging Buddies: Rainbow Loom

  1. I think it showed thoughtfulness to include a survey of your classmates. Keep up the good work. I look forward to your next blog post.

  2. Dear Rainbow Loom group,
    I love learning about Rainbow Loom.
    One of my favorite bracelets are the Laffy Taffy Twist. I like Rainbow Loom because you can make different charms such as Anna and Elsa.
    I wonder if people will make there own bracelet?

  3. The Rainbow Loom bracelet that I would most make will be a fishtail. I like it because we get to wear them. What do you like best about Rainbow Loom?

  4. I like how they included a survey about different bracelets. Also, I like that they said we would like making bracelets and charms. do you like making character like Jasmine, Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff and other characters?

  5. The people from 3grade I would like to learn how to make different bracelets I already know how to make single and triple single.So if you don’t mind I would like some help making different bracelets.

  6. I loved it but next time you should add more creations and more detail. My favorite part was when you asked your classmates what they liked and you wrote the results of it. Has it taken you a long time to figure out what kinds of creations you can make?

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