Pennies for Patients Update

penniesGood Morning Carroll Comets! My name is Janelle Gates and I am one of your Pennies for Patients Representatives.

Congratulations on a great job with the Pennies for Patients campaign! Some highlights of our campaign were:

• 40 classrooms earned a bronze pennant for raising at least 100 dollars.
• 18 classrooms earned a silver pennant for raising at least 200 dollars.
• 8 classrooms earned a gold pennant for raising over 300 dollars.
o Ms. Burnat’s class raised $364.95 and earned a pizza party
o Ms. Ellis’ class raised $699.26 and also earned a pizza party

We should all feel very proud of ourselves because every penny, nickel, dime, quarter, dollar, and check donated will help save the lives of cancer patients!

Our schools grand total raised was $10,011.01(ten thousand eleven dollars and one cent). That is 111% of our goal! That is also $2300 more than we raised last year as a school.


A note from Mrs. Petuya: I am very proud to announce that our class total was $204.34.

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