See You Soon!

Dear TK Families,

We have just one more weekend of vacation. I hope you have had a wonderful time while we’ve been off-track. I was very busy packing up my house and getting ready to move. Don’t worry! I am not going far; I will still be your child’s teacher. I did get to visit my three grandkids in Atlanta, but that was anything but restful!

Please go to our Shutterfly site (click on “Volunteer” tab above) and update when you will be able to help in class. Your participation is essential to making our TK experience the best it can be. (And I am sincerely appreciative!)

Since our classmate Emily is spending an extended time in China, we get to welcome a new friend on Monday. His name is Ameer and he is five years old just like the rest of the class. I’m sure he is excited to meet us, too.

I am looking forward to hugging all my munchkins on Monday. We have many more learning adventures to explore together!

Mrs. P

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