The Butterflies Have Returned!

april camera 176 We couldn’t believe it! We received a package from that was filled with butterflies that had migrated to Mexico and back to the US. The large butterfly came from Ms. Lange and Ms. Wertheim’s class in Asheville, North Carolina. The small butterflies came from many different states: Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia. Two butterflies came directly from Coahuila, Mexico! We also received a letter from one of the students who lives near the butterfly sanctuary in Mexico. We are looking for someone who can read the letter to us because it is written in Spanish. Can you help?

We are researching where each of these butterflies came from. We are also adding information to the website so students can find out where their butterflies landed. Hopefully, the classes that got our butterflies will post online, too. Then we can discover where they ended up. This project has made looking at a map more fun than usual for us.

Butterfly Migration

Cathe's phone 238I have exciting news!  Our butterflies made it to Mexico!  Click here to Find Our Butterflies! and see the students who are taking care of them for the winter.  Can you find Michoacan, Mexico on a map? Do you remember how far our butterflies had to travel?  I wonder when the real monarch butterflies will begin their migration north again?  When will the Mexican students send us their butterflies?  Make a prediction and post it as a comment.

Special Assignments

Hello Families,

I thought I should check in with a quick reminder about some special assignments that are due soon.

1. Be sure to finish up that extra special valentine heart for your child.  We’d like to read them to the class this Friday.

2. Our 100th Day Celebration will be on the 25th.  Your child needs your assistance to collect exactly 100 items that will fit in the plastic bag that was sent home in the homework folder.

Building Memories

I have been collecting student work all year long to put into a very special Kindergarten Memory Book as a keepsake for you and your child.  It’s time to start putting these items into a binder, but I need your help in two ways.  First, please donate $7.00 so I can purchase the materials that are needed to create these books.  Also, let me know if you are willing to assist in actually filling the books for our class.

Learning to Code

download (1)Today we had our first experience with computer programming.  Our Big Buddies met us in the computer lab and we began our online lessons at  This is a fantastic way to work on so many many skills.  We had a great time!  We hope to make this a regular activity.  More importantly, everyone can work on from any device at any time.  I will send home a special card on Friday in your child’s homework folder.    This card has the URL needed to log on to our class at and your child’s secret picture password.  Keep it in a safe place. I have printed them in color and laminated these cards.  I will not be able to replace them.  A clever idea is to take a picture of the card with your phone so you have a handy copy.  Enjoy!  Check out more pics on our photoblog.

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