Blogging Buddies: Music

Music is important and this is why.  One reason is almost anybody can learn it.  Another reason is you can make your own music in different ways.  You can use other instruments and by singing.  Instruments are a part of music, too.  There are other types of music like jazz, hip hop, classical, opera, instrumental, and gospel.  Music can give you patience.  This is why music should be our homework because you can express yourself.  How does music help you?  How many syllables are in “instruments”?

3rd Grade:  Kayla, Yeala, Nick
2nd Grade:  Brian, Grace, Karisse, Cailie

4 thoughts on “Blogging Buddies: Music

  1. I think there are 3 syllables in the word instruments. I know that because there are 3 vowels and every syllable must have a vowel..I asked everyone in my house to be sure that I was right. How many syllables do you think are in the word description?

  2. Everytime I listen to music I like I just have to listen to it forever. Also, music helps me keep calm depending on the music.

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