Our Read-a-thon is Monday, March 13th. Students may wear pajamas and bring a small blanket. I hope they will also bring a favorite book to share. Our goal is to garner a class total of 100 minutes enjoying great stories. I think we can do that and more! We LOVE reading in TK!

Please make a pledge at by Friday (March 17th). Send friends and families a link to this post and ask them to pledge, too. Our PTA has wonderful plans to use the funds to benefit our entire school. We all would appreciate your support.

Mrs. P

PS: You can also end in a labeled pledge envelope, if you prefer.


If you haven’t logged on and used Lexia with your student, you may not know what a tremendous learning tool it is. We have used it a Carroll for a couple of years, but it is no longer a free resource. The PTA has given Mr. Hauder a generous sum to offset the cost, but we need quite a bit more. Here’s how you can help: donate to our gofundme campaign! And please send this link ( out to your friends, family, neighbors,coworkers, acquaintances, dentist, insurance agent…. You get the idea. Let’s make this happen for our kiddos!

Book Fair

bookfairMiss June is still in need of some parent volunteers to help with the Book Fair next week. Contact her if you are able to help. Even a half-hour at dismissal time would be greatly appreciated. Call the school office at 714-0106 or email Miss June directly:

Our turn to view the Book Fair and purchase items will be on Tuesday from 10:30 – 11:00 AM. It would be wonderful to have some extra help at that time. If your child will be buying a book, remember to add 8% sales tax to purchase total.


bookstackOn Tuesday March 3rd, we will be participating in a school-wide Read-a-thon to raise money for special projects.  We will spend a good portion of our day enjoying some great stories and counting how many pages we finish. Students are encouraged to bring a favorite book to share.  Please help your kindergartner talk to family and friends to ask for donations.  Pledges can be a flat rate or per page.  An envelope for collecting pledges was sent home today.  Please return it next week.  Thank you in advance for your support!

Reading Counts!

SRCThe following is an incomplete list of book titles that we discovered at storyline that have a Reading Counts quiz.  Students can read these books on their own or listen to them on and then take the quiz here at school.  It has been a challenge to find a way to get everyone some computer time to take the quizzes.  So it is no problem to stay after school in our class or the computer lab to take a quiz.  Just let me know and plan to stay with your student.  It only takes a few minutes to do a quiz.

A Bad Case of Stripes           Harry the Dirty Dog          Rainbow Fish          I Need My Monster          Guji Guji          Brave Irene          Sophie’s Masterpiece          Library Lion          Stellaluna          Chester’s Way          Sebastian’s Roller Skates          White Socks Only          Enemy Pie          Somebody Likes You, Mr. Hatch          The Night I Followed the Dog          Knots on a Counting Rope          Thank You, Mr. Falker

Yesterday our class had 1,286 points.  Today we have 1, 361 points.  How many points did we earn during our computer lab time?  Figure it out and bring your answer to school tomorrow.  There will be a small prize for every student that gets it correct.  No help allowed, please!

Mrs. P.

SRC Progress

As a class, we have earned 1, 135 points on Scholastic Reading Counts comprehension quizzes.    It seems especially impressive when you consider that we have read over 1,181,000 words to earn those points.  Not too shabby, but I know we can do better.  So keep up with your nightly reading and help us hit 1,500 points.  I wonder how many words that will add to our word count?  Make an estimate of what the new total word count could be and leave it as part of your comment.

Mrs. P 😀

Only Eight Weeks Left!

Oh my goodness!  We checked the calendar today and realized that we only have eight more weeks of second grade.  So we looked at our progress notes and each student wrote a goal they hope to achieve.  As you look over their progress note and goal,  I hope you take a few minutes and help your child list actions that will lead them to their goal.  For example, many students set a goal to reach 100 points in Scholastic Reading Counts.  In order to succeed, they will need to be reading extensively outside of class and discussing the characters and events of each story with someone at home before taking a quiz at school. They will also have to be diligent in using their time wisely at school so they can frequently use the classroom computer to take quizzes. You can also arrange time to take quizzes right after school in our classroom or in the computer lab.

Mrs. P

Dinosaurs and Fossils

We have been learning about dinosaurs and fossils.  One fact is some dinosaurs walk on 4 feet and 2 feet, like the maiasaura.  We enjoyed researching dinosaurs and studying them.  Another fact is fossils can be found in mud, sand, and ice.  Minerals seep in to make the bones turn into stone.  We made Sponge Bob turn into Fossil Bob.  It was fun to make a fake fossil.  Have you studied dinosaurs and fossils?

Malia, Aidan, Justin, and Cailie