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As a class, we have earned 1, 135 points on Scholastic Reading Counts comprehension quizzes.    It seems especially impressive when you consider that we have read over 1,181,000 words to earn those points.  Not too shabby, but I know we can do better.  So keep up with your nightly reading and help us hit 1,500 points.  I wonder how many words that will add to our word count?  Make an estimate of what the new total word count could be and leave it as part of your comment.

Mrs. P 😀

27 thoughts on “SRC Progress

  1. I hope we can get to our goal. I am going to help us get to the goal. I will read a lot of books. I think we will have read 1,800,000 if get to our goal. Aidan

  2. Salmon is a wonderful fish.We are going to talk to a ranger about salmon and redwood trees on the screen.We are going to do it on Wednesday is going to be a good day. I am waiting for that day.

    • Dear Yaseen,
      I am glad that you are excited about our upcoming video conference. But what do you think about earning SRC points?
      Mrs. P

    • Dear Cailie,
      It looks like you agree with Aidan. How many words will you be able to add? What book are you reading, now? When will you be ready to take an SRC quiz on it?
      Mrs. P.

  3. I am trying to add 53 more points for myself to get 100. I think as a class we will add 150,000 more words if we get 1,500 points.

    • Dear Zaire,
      That’s a good goal, but I bet you can add that many words before next week. Then what will you do? What book are you reading, now?
      Mrs. P

  4. Dear Mrs.Petuya
    I think if we work hard we can make it to one million words. I’ll read as many books as I can to make us get to one million.

    • Dear Taison,
      I think you need to re-read our word totals. You will realize that you need to choose a new goal. 😀
      Mrs. P

  5. I think our next goal should be 10,000,000 words So, we will have to read a lot and i want a surprise for this goal.Do you agree with me?

    • Dear Oscar,
      If our class reads ten million words by the end of June, I will definitely provide a special treat for everyone.
      Mrs. P.

  6. I agree with Aiden, I think we can read allot of books to reach 1,800,000. I am going to keep reading my book on Salmon and try to add 70 more words.

    • Dear Malia,
      I bet you will be adding a lot more than 70 words by the time you finish that book about salmon. What book will you read next?
      Mrs. P

      • Thanks Mrs. Petuya! I can’t wait to see how many words I can read. Next, I’m going to read a chapter book about a fairy. They are my favorite books to read!! 🙂

    • Hello Jayden J,
      I think we will meet that goal in just a couple of days. What book are you reading now? Have you tried storylineonline at home? Listen to them at home and you can take the quizzes at school next week.
      Mrs. P.

      • Yes, I have tried storylineonline at home a few times. I like it. I did the first one with my little sister. I can’t wait until we reach our goal.

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