Video Contest Update

I’ve got some fun news to share!

One of our TKNews reports was a finalist in the regional contest, Sacramento Educational Video Awards. TKNews Mantis Report was hosted by Carter.

Another of our videos is a winner in the state-wide contest, California Student Media Festival. TKNews Special Report: Bearded Dragon Eggs was hosted by Milo.

Take a five minute happiness break and enjoy these informative videos!

(If any of you will be in Los Angeles on June 3rd, I’d love to have you pick up our award. It looks like neither Milo’s family, nor myself will be able to attend the ceremony.)

New Videos!

Our friend, Sophie, has been visiting again! That means it’s “movie making time”! Be sure to click on the “Class Videos” tab and watch our newest productions: TK Rollercoaster and TK Backwards Rabbit. You can also find our videos on my YouTube channel: Catherine Petuya.

Got Video?

thankyou1Thank you so much for coming to our promotion celebration. I hope you enjoyed it as much as the children and I did. The refreshments you provided were so delicious and appreciated. Your generosity this year has helped make this a wonderful year in Kindergarten.

If anyone has a video of the children singing, please send me a copy (via email attachment or on a flash drive). I would like to put that performance on my YouTube channel along with the video that was shown today. I will email you the links to my channel after the videos are uploaded. Save that email so you can access the videos at a later time. I keep the classroom videos unlisted to protect our privacy. The only way to view them is by following the link.

Thank you again for allowing me to be a part of your child’s educational journey.
Mrs. P

Digital Learning Day #2

Our second day of digital learning was a WHOLE lot of fun!  It was the first time I declared a BYOD event and it was tremendous. Eighteen students brought their own device so we had non-stop opportunities to share and learn some of the latest games and apps around.  A HUGE draw was Minecraft.  We set up Mrs. Petuya’s World and started building.  There is an art gallery, a fossil museum, and a roller coaster so far.  So many students were able to be the teacher and really get me off to a great start on this impressive game.  There is so much knowledge embedded in this popular game, that you can’t help but absorb facts and learn to make better decisions as you create your world.  I am looking forward to playing it often. We also found out about an app called 2048. You will definitely learn your doubles facts and some programming basics as you play.  Another thoroughly engaging app is Video Star.  Several students collaborated and created an adorable little music video to go with a song called “I Heart Hand Signs”.  It will soon be posted on my YouTube Channel if you would like to watch it. I will email you the link so you can easily find it.

I wish we had enough time left in the school year to do it again. Many teachers at Carroll are very curious about what we have been creating with technology in our classroom this year.  So I suspect that my students will have more opportunities for BYOD, blogging, and making movies in the future.

Mrs. P.